Missed opportunities— or the red fox eludes digital capture

Mark was diligently chopping celery for our crock pot stew and I was loafing around the kitchen, looking out the window, when I saw a beautiful red animal running though the monochromatic snow-covered woods at the foot of the hill behind our house.

“That’s a red fox,” I said.

Not that I was an expert on such matters. In fact I’d never seen a red fox before in my 53 years. But you would have said the same. If you see a red fox, you know it.

Mark joined me at the window and as I was unwilling to turn my back on the bushy-tailed, pointy-nosed, red-furred or haired (not an expert, remember?) animal leisurely jogging through the woods, over the creek and across our back yard, and was equally unable to convince Mark to do the same, and as my camera was not close at hand, the event went unrecorded. Sadly.

When I recounted the incident to my sister Carol, she said, “Why don’t you look up the significance of a red fox sighting online? Try a native american site.”

I googled it. Here’s a brief run-down.

Foxes are symbolic of camouflage and shape shifting, cunning, wildness and diplomacy.

A fox sighting is a warning to keep one’s counsel. a guide into the Faerie Realm, a signal from the spirits of the deceased, a good luck omen.

A sighting of multiple foxes is bad luck.

The meaning of the sighting depends upon what is going on in your life and in your head at the moment the fox was sighted.

As my mind was fairly well blank to the best of my recollection, I’m really not sure what it meant, except that it was a beautiful moment and in the future I will keep my camera on a kitchen shelf within easy reach.

Snowy woods sans red fox

The above information regarding fox sightings came from the following websites which offer further clarification on the matter and make for interesting reading.

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