Writing avoidance strategies


1. Organize blog categories

2. Rename obtuse categories

3. Look up “obtuse” in dictionary

4. Look up “unclear” in thesaurus

5. Rename obscure, or vague, or indistinct categories

6. Scan through previous posts

7. Clear off desk. Put dictionary and thesaurus away

8. Walk to window to check the weather

9. Create list of possible new categories

10. Go to kitchen to rewarm previously-hot-now-cold tea

11. Look at blog web stats to see if anyone cares

12. It doesn’t matter. Write for yourself

13. Create list of blog ideas

14. Reduce categories to three: “white, black, everything else”

15. Straighten out cords that cross over each other and loop across desk from the computer to the wall

16. Get up and find sticky-back velcro

17. Attach strap of velcro under desk and neatly organize and contain cords through it

18. Check e-mail to see if anyone has commented on a blog

19. Re-categorize old blogs into “white, black and everything else” and update

20. Re-create original categories, re-categorize blogs and update

21. Create self-blog-evaluation categories: gold nuggets, silver nuggets and gravel

22. Make list of all imperative things to do before I write

Oops. Out of time. More tomorrow.

One thought on “Writing avoidance strategies”

  1. I think this is my favorite blog so far…
    Laughed out loud (that’s got to be good feedback for a writer)
    Admittedly, the list could have been my own.


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