Lifetime achievements

I’m sitting here by a crystal blue lagoon-shaped pool, the sun reflecting off the water, off the broad shiny leaves of the green and red foliage, off my spf30-lotion-soaked skin.

It’s been a long time since I’ve spent a lazy day poolside, when the boys tossing the ball in the pool were my boys and the girl splashing across the water with the pink snorkeling flippers and mask was my Anna.

When the kids were small we lived at the local pool every afternoon following swim lessons.

I made sure they all learned how to swim.

Add that to my lifetime list of achievements:

1. Gave birth to four children
2. Kept them all alive
3. Made sure they knew how to read
4. Made sure they knew how to swim

Not as impressive as receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, traveling to the moon, saving lives in operating rooms, saving lives from a police cruiser, saving lives from burning buildings, creating jobs, having a job . . .

Not very impressive at all really, by most standards.

It seemed important at the time.

5 thoughts on “Lifetime achievements”

  1. Great lifetime achievements! They were important and still are important.
    Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

  2. Oh – one more thing… you helped to keep my kids alive and happy too… teaching them to swim ~ playing santa claus ~ trick-o-treating ~ sleepovers ~ Good stuff !
    And while I’m on this track, let me just mention all that you’ve done to support me ~ sitting with me in the hospital, sheltering me on numerous occasions, gifting me vans, cars, computers, cameras, and don’t forget the beautiful website that wouldn’t exist without you. I’m sure there’s more to say ~ about how amazing you’ve been as a sister and as an Aunt ~ but I suppose this is enough praise for one comment. Love ya, Your “big sister

  3. those lifetime achievements are both something i can only dream to achieve and so important to me. Thank you for raising me in the best way possible, i wouldn’t be any of what i am today without you.


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