A short note to my readers

I just want to let all my readers, all three of you, know that I appreciate your continued support.

I’m having a blast. And will continue as long as it is fun.

In addition to the post-a-day challenge, I have decided to try the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. We’ll see how long that lasts. I posted my first response to the challenge “Boundaries” today. Maybe you saw it. If not, scroll down, or click the link to it at the top of this (It just depends on how you got here. Confusing, I know.)

I want to thank everyone who has commented on my posts. I get very excited when this happens. It’s like a light shines back from the black hole I send this out to when I hit “publish.”

If you would like to comment, and haven’t yet figured out how, the best I can tell is that depending how you got to the post, you may see my entire blog streaming down the page, or you may see just the day’s post. The day’s post has a comment box at the bottom. Easy enough. If you get to the entire stream of all my entries, you will not see this comment box. You need to click on the post title and it will take you to the actual page for that particular post and then you will see the comment box. I hope this helped at least one person.

Don’t miss my pages. I’ve worked on “Things I’ve Written” and have posted links to published stories. I am still working on getting permissions for a couple things.

Also, if you like something you’ve read, please send it on. Muchas gracias.


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