Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity — or Arthur takes on the turtle

Arthur struggles between satisfying his curiosity about the turtle and overcoming his fear of it.

This from a ferocious dog who barks fiercely at small and large animals, primarily squirrels and deer.

Watch out—there’s a turtle!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity — or Arthur takes on the turtle”

  1. LOL! Last summer our dogs had almost daily encounters with turtles. The first one was the most hilarious, when both of these 60lb dogs leaped backwards in sheer terror at this strange creature. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I called the vet tonight because I thought my (typically brave) English Bulldog was having some kind of attack. Turned out she was terrified of the birthday balloons we’d brought into the living room! It’s so funny what/how they react to things sometimes.

  3. Turtles! I can tell you about turtles . .
    I was San Luis Obispo some years ago, and in a small cafe I read a local paper recounting the story of how two (enterprising? creative? barking mad? – delete as appropriate) thieves held up a Pizza delivery boy and threatened him with a snapping turtle!

    Be wary, Arthur, my friend. . .


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