Procter and Gamble on Reed Hartman Highway 1979
My shared brick-walled office located beside a lab
You charged in, past my desk, to speak with Wayne
I thought, “Finally, another new-hire is here.”

Wildwood off of Rt. 4 in Fairfield 1979
My apartment furnished with hand-me-downs and a brand new sofa-bed
You rang the doorbell, bearing a single red rose, promptly at 7:00
I thought, “He’s the one I’ve been waiting for.”

A two-bedroom apartment in Camelot off of Rt. 4 1980
Our wedding gifts covered the dining table
You cleaned the frost off my windshield in the early morning
I felt warm, loved and protected

3416 Ferncroft Dr. Cincinnati Ohio 1982
Michael was born, then later Matthew, and Anna
You walked our babies through the house at night when they cried
I thought, “What a good father you are.”

1269 Hickory Lake Dr.  1991
Joe was born in the large stately brick home — more than I ever expected
Your administrative assistant called to say your ambulance arrived
I thought, “It isn’t worth it.”

5882 Countryhills Dr. 2008
Your father died
You bought a new suit
I held you while you cried.

5843 Woodthrush Ln 2011
The bedrooms are all empty
You say you’re really going to retire this time
I wonder, “Where do we go from here?”


Copyright © 2011 by Christine M. Grote

4 thoughts on “Addresses”

  1. Beautiful. And though this is a writing exercise for you, I think other writers could create a story around any one of those addresses.


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