Devolving a website

Well, I woke up with a blank mind this morning and I just posted a photo of Italy yesterday. What do I do?

That’s not completely honest. My mind was actually quite actively trying to solve the challenge of transferring a clunky Dreamweaver-built-and-maintained website ( I am web editor for to a sleek and jazzy blog. There are many advantages to this as far as I can see. (Which admittedly may not be all that far.)

Are you paying attention Jeff? (Note to self: send Jeff an e-mail linked here.)

Jeff Hillard is the originator and editor of Redwebzine. I met him at the College of Mount St. Joseph over 10 years ago where he was my teacher for a few creative writing classes. He has an amazingly sharp and active mind. His writing and especially his poetry are simply stunning. And it seems so easy for him.

To those who don’t know him well, or are initially acquainted with him, Jeff can seem sort of intimidating. At least I thought so. But I think what I mistook for frowning arrogance and disapproval was simply Jeff inside his own mind. (Note to self: cancel above note to self.)

The people who know Jeff well realize he is one of the most generous, empathic and kind-hearted individuals you might ever meet. (Not sure what to do here about Jeff. Do nothing and let fate take its course.)

Anyway, Redwebzine is Jeff’s brainchild that he awoke with in the middle of the night—you can read all about that in his first letter from the editor.

I need to get back to my point. What was my point?

I am something of a Jill-of-all-trades, mostly self-taught. Not so good on a resume, but it’s worked out pretty well for a stay-at-home-mom with a short attention span.

Now I’m immersed in learning about the blogging world. As a newbie blogger I welcome all helpful tips solicited or un-, unlike the author of an article I recently read on unsolicited parenting tips that I’m not going to link here because I found it insulting to the mature busybodies of the world—a group I am intimately involved with.

If you have any helpful tips or suggestions on evolving, or perhaps it is devolving, from a website to a blog please comment below.

I’ll be in my garden soon.


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