How quickly things can change—2

I’m getting my daily post in with two hours to spare.

Some days veer off course.

Waking to a phone call, a car wreck, a hospital, followed by throwing a few things into an overnight bag, jumping in a car and seven hours later arriving in  Buffalo.

That’s what families are for.

A day of gratitude that no one is hurt, or that things that could have been oh-so-much worse, aren’t.The bad news morning turns into a good day.

We all dodged a bullet. We are all safe.

And grateful.

10 thoughts on “How quickly things can change—2”

  1. We went through that last year, son seriously injured in motorcycle accident. Mixed emotions, but thanksgiving that things could have been worse.

  2. Thanks for all your good wishes. Our son Matthew was in a car accident Friday night and had to spend the night at the hospital for evaluation. Fortunately no harm was done except to his glasses, possibly his cell-phone and his car—all financial issues that can be dealt with over time.

    You, however, may be reading dusted off haikus from college and looking at photos from my files for a few days. 🙂

  3. “In the end things can be replaced but people can’t.”

    Indeed. Good that he’s all right.

  4. Our daughter lives on the east coast, some 3,000 miles away. So when she was in a couple of car accidents, we were anxious to say the least. Thankfully, both times didn’t involve injuries. In the first, she hit a parked car late at night; in the other, she rolled into the back of the car in front because she thought traffic was moving.

    Hope all is resolved without too much stress and anxiety for your family.


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