The highs and lows of Buffalo

I would have liked to have taken a photo of spring today on this first day of spring, but it won’t be spring in Buffalo for another month or two. I thought about snapping a shot of soot-crusted charcoal gray snow mountains in parking lots, but no.

Instead, I’m taking you on the tour of Buffalo that our son Matthew took us on today. First stop—the car impound, a squat but large brick building, garage really, in a depressed area of town—no news here. We are promptly turned away because we do not have the necessary paperwork to access or even see Matthew’s car where we hope we will find his communication link to the rest of the world—his cell phone, and his eye on the world—his glasses.

We are directed to town hall downtown, room 111.

Town hall is a pretty incredible building with large stone pillars. I think I am in Italy for a moment. The building is a remnant and reminder of Buffalo’s days of prosperity. We are pleasantly surprised that our task here is easily accomplished. The line is short in room 111, the person who helps us is pleasant enough and all is accomplished without a hitch. We are sent across the hall to the cashier where we pay the towing and impounding fee. This too is accomplished in a timely fashion.

So we take the elevator to the 25th floor and walk up a couple flights of stairs to the observation deck.

The Liberty Building in downtown Buffalo. The two statues on top are miniature Lady Liberties.

It is very cold on top of this building. I am shivering, using my iPhone as a camera and shooting through a glass window,

Downtown Buffalo highway system and Lake Erie as viewed from the top of Buffalo City Hall.

but I kind of like the gray grainy look of the photos. It was that kind of day.

The Peace Bridge in the distance over the east end of Lake Erie at the source of the Niagra River connects Buffalo, N.Y. in the U.S. with the town of Fort Erie, Ontario, in Canada.

We reverse our course, down the stairs, down the very noisy elevator, to the car and through city streets, returning to the impound where we view a large garage full of undamaged cars impounded for parking violations, and a few pieces of public art. We conduct a search and rescue mission in Matthew’s totaled automobile where we locate both his Droid and his Droid battery separately, and his eyeglasses in four pieces.

After a satisfying lunch of Buffalo Wings (I actually have a ham and cheese sandwich) at Gabriel’s Gate in Allentown, we tour a few used car dealerships then return home.

Brought to you by Tours with Matthew—the highs and lows of Buffalo.

11 thoughts on “The highs and lows of Buffalo”

    1. He hit some kind of a pole. He either fell asleep or blacked out and doesn’t remember much about what he hit. He was short on sleep, long on stress and we’re not exactly sure what happened. He’s fine. He didn’t receive any citations, but is now out of a car.

      1. When our daughter hit a parked car late at night after dropping a friend off at her apartment, my daughter had already worked a long day. Needless to say she was exhausted, so must have dozed off. Thankfully, for it could’ve been worse, she hit a parked car. She was taught a valuable lesson.

        life’s always teaching us lessons…hopefully we learn from them, sooner rather than later…hugmamma 😉

  1. Not quite the same as your pics from Florence Italy. But thanks for sharing just the same. And no Anchor Bar while in Buffalo? It’s the ” Vatican” of Buffalo!

    1. Aww. The Anchor Bar is old news. Been there. My Buffalo expert says the wings at Gabriel’s are much better. But I of course wouldn’t know.

  2. Ouch! Poor car!

    I once slammed my parent’s van into the edge of a railway bridge foundation. Or, to be precise, the foundation grabbed the van and hit it. It looked rather similar to the damage to that car.

  3. you turned a grim day into something more.
    After seeing the damage to his car…it seems he was blessed. I am glad you are there for him and he for you:)

  4. Ouch for the car! And, I just returned back to Florida from a short trip to Manhattan. Friday was beautiful but by Sunday I needed my coat, scarf, and gloves.

  5. I miss the architecture of New York. It was so banal to walk amongst those monolithic buildings as a child. I am glad your son is OK, more and more we are becoming sleep deprived it seems.


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