Only in Ireland

We took our four children and boarded a plane for Shannon, Ireland in June of 2003. We were going to take about one week to travel a southern loop around the island and then stay in a cottage on the Dingle Pennisula for a second. On our fourth or fifth day there while touring the south we were in one of the towns, perhaps Wexford, and I found myself standing alone outside of a shop.

The day had gotten off to a rough start. Everyone had their own idea about how we should spend the time. We had all scattered among the shops and I stood alone, somewhat frustrated that we couldn’t come to a consensus and my countenance undoubtedly showing it.

When along came a little old Irishman wearing a long top coat and a cap. He was short and frail with hair of gray, but eyes that twinkled. A lively Irish tune was playing somewhere from a shop’s speaker. The little old man stopped on the walk in front of me and executed ten quick steps of a jig, then with a nod and a smile resumed his course and walked away leaving me still alone, but smilingโ€”only in Ireland.

American Steve Coulter plays his harp on Conner Pass that crosses the Dingle Pennisula in Ireland.

25 thoughts on “Only in Ireland”

  1. Ow one day I will follow your example Christine, and head over to Ireland. This land is filled with magic and music, wondrous things happen over there.

    I’m SO very glad that this little old Irishman lifted your heart ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love this story and my heart is dancing a little jig in joy. Ireland has been calling, and now the call is even louder. Thank you for sharing! Someday I hope a little old Irish man dances a jig for me in my time of need. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We’re hoping to visit England, Scotland, and Ireland sometime this year. This post reminded me why I’m excited to see that part of the world.

    hugs for sharing…hugmamma. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. … “along came a little old Irishman wearing a long top coat and a cap. He was short and frail with hair of gray, but eyes that twinkled…”
    C.M, he sounds like a leprechaun!

  5. Great post – and oh, so true…only in Ireland. I hang out there as much as possible!


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