Self-Portrait with an iPhone

My loving husband gave me an iPhone for my birthday last month, and I know how to use it, mostly.

It has two cameras—one on the back so I can take pictures of what I am looking at and one on the front so I can take pictures of myself, or spy on whatever is going on behind my back. Today I’m going to use it for a self portrait, if I can just remember how it works.

Hmm. Okay, I see it now. Maybe I need to hold this phone up and out a little bit.

That’s better. But geez, I look like a dork in this picture. It’s no wonder I hate having my picture taken. I’ve got my computer glasses on. I need my regular glasses.

Glasses are better, face position not so much. I just need to hold this camera up, or look down, or something.

Whoops. I must have inadvertently switched cameras. Wait a minute.

That’s a little better, but not really. This must be my “I’m concentrating,” look.

I’m going to get my sunglasses. I look better in my sunglasses.

See, I do look better in my sunglasses, if you ignore the fact that I am sitting inside, in my study, wearing sunglasses. I knew I should be doing this outside on my porch.

I think if I had a scarf on it would be even better.

I’m going to go get a hat.

Maybe if I just turn to the side a little bit . . .

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago?

If I ever played that game I’m sure I lost. I’m terrible at geography. I don’t know what I was doing in grade school when they were teaching me geography.

And I wonder why I can’t seem to get control of the hours in a day. . .


14 thoughts on “Self-Portrait with an iPhone”

  1. With the hat, you looked more like Yoko Ono in some of her old photos.

    I played around with the photos in the mirror and didn’t quite get it right. I have to try again with a different camera. I felt the same way later that some time slipped away on an activity I didn’t need to be doing.

    Still fun though to try something different.

  2. My wife just got one as well and has also been fiddling around with the camera. Go with the scarf and sunglasses look. It’s real stylish! 🙂

  3. I loved this post-the carmen sandiego bit had me laughing out loud. I really enjoy coming back to your blog because you have the ability to make me laugh out loud.

    And thank you so much giving my blog an award, that was so sweet of you. I am grateful. Glad a found a great blogging friend like you.

    Russo @


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