A few unrelated ideas with an entertainment


Where is all this rain coming from?

Does this mean we are going to have a very dry summer?

Be very careful before driving into a flooded street. I heard on CNN this morning that many deaths in the aftermath of the tornadoes have been due to cars being swept away by flooded streets. A driver can’t tell how deep the water is, or whether the road is still intact beneath.


Has one thing led to another and now you have an inbox full of blog subscriptions that takes you hours to sort through?

All this is new to me and I’m learning as I go. I recently read a post on, Wordsxo by Julia Munroe Martin from the coast of main, where she very kindly outlined Streamlining the Process by converting e-mail subscriptions to Google Reader.  If you’re struggling to keep up, try it; I think you’ll like it.


I’ve been in something of an ongoing disagreement with my mom about the best way to transport Dad to his doctor’s appointments. He is basically housebound and only goes out to see his doctors—general practitioner, cardiologist, urologist, and eye doctor if I haven’t left anyone out. So it’s not a lot of trips. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to get my dad in and out of a car. The co-ordination and physical strength required are challenges for him. Mom is not ready to make a move to Dad using a wheelchair instead of his walker and hiring an ambulette of some sort, or possibly using the public transportation Project Mobility service.

Anyway, the discussion led to a conversation about what “stage” of Alzheimer’s he is in. When he was initially diagnosed in December of 2008, the doctor said there were three stages—mild, moderate and severe. Dad was in the beginning or mild stage. Dad’s abilities have declined since then so I visited the Alzheimer’s Association’s website. This is an excellent site for information and/or support. You might be interested in reading about the myths or risk factors. I was looking for information on the stages of Alzheimer’s.

According to the website, experts have developed seven “stages” to describe how a person’s abilities change from normal function through advanced Alzheimer’s.”

Stage 1: No impairment
Stage 2: Very mild decline
Stage 3: Mild decline
Stage 4: Moderate decline
Stage 5: Moderately severe decline
Stage 6: Severe decline
Stage 7: Very severe decline

You can read about the stages here.

Although it’s not cut and dry because no one progresses the same, I believe that according to this standard my dad has begun to venture into stage 6. Knowledge is power, the proverbial “they” say. In this case, I’m not certain that knowing what lies ahead is that helpful. Maybe I’ll feel differently later.


And finally, to cheer you up if you happen to live in a rain-drenched location, or if my other unrelated ideas have somehow scared or saddened you, Arthur is bringing you a very short entertainment.

The little white dog named Arthur dances— or how not to train your dog by rewarding the wrong behavior.

Showing for all the world to see, that Arthur needs a little practice with his obedience training and I need a little practice with both dog training and the use of an iPhone video camera. (It’s short, but if you get motion sickness, beware.)

7 thoughts on “A few unrelated ideas with an entertainment”

  1. Being witness to the decline of cognitive and physical abilities in our parents is tough.

    Thanks for lightening the mood with Arthur’s stellar dance routine.

  2. Great post! Read Julia’s tips re subscriptions. A lot of info to digest in one sitting. Will have to let it sink in. Am sorry about your dad, and of course, it makes me wonder about us, the children of Alzheimer sufferers. But all we can do is our best, each and every day. Sounds like you’re doing just that for your dad…and your mom.

    i’ll say a prayer…hugmamma.


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