Someone left the cake out in the rain

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Why does it rain? The simple answer.  More.

Songs about rain.

Pictures of rain.


7 thoughts on “Someone left the cake out in the rain”

  1. Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain used to drive me absolutely insane. It is a really stupid song, but it sticks in your brain. Sorry for the unintentional rhyming, but I hope my words aren’t inane (okay, that was intentional).

  2. Hello again, Living in the UK, it Rains alot :-)… But we just had the hottest and driest Aprils in the UK on record in a 100 years.. And today we got some much needed Rain…. I agree with Lisa, That Song Sticks with you…
    Hope that your Day and weekend is bright and Sunny…

    1. Right when I start to get disillusioned about blogging, a nice person like you pops up and I’ve met a new friend in the UK.

      Isn’t life grand?

      1. Life is always Grand when you meet interesting People And I met one today too.. who relfects on random thoughts from Mid-life.. Arrgh now.. Its nice to reflect.. and share.. and have one or two Mature Moments LOL..

        have a Great Day! 🙂


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