Waiting for the Irises

Everyday I look to see if the irises are blooming. We have a bunch of irises here planted buy previous owners. Last year I moved some from the St. Francis garden to the Angel garden to open things up and spread things out a bit. I’m not sure if the ones I’ve transplanted are going to bloom this year. (I honestly can’t remember exactly which ones they are because we have so many.)

The irises are getting close.

From my kitchen window I noticed one little white soldier.

I think it must be a mutated or white siberian iris. I’ll have to look that up. I don’t remember this from last year.

It’s a dainty lovely little thing.

But the regular irises haven’t unfurled their flags yet. Here is a bunch that are going to be red. I think they may be some that I moved from the St. Francis garden.

I did notice some little yellow wildflowers, Golden Ragwort according to a friend, blooming in the woodland garden. Mark cleared out the honeysuckle last year allowing the naturally occurring plants to thrive. I can see these from my kitchen window too.

And the ornamental grass is sprouting up. My garden assistant helps me check them out.

The Japanese maple has brightened up the landscaping.

And the azaleas are in full bloom. (I sure hope my nosy garden assistant doesn’t get stung by that rather large bee he’s been following.)

But I’m still waiting for the irises.

You can probably find me sitting right here. Waiting.


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17 thoughts on “Waiting for the Irises”

  1. Thanks. Although sometimes photography can work miracles by focusing on select areas. 🙂
    And sometimes photography can’t do justice to what we see. I think this will be the case when the irises bloom. They’re stunning.

    I do enjoy the flowers.

  2. Here in North Texas, our Iris’s bloomed about a month ago. We have about 40 of them lining the whole front of our house.

  3. It looks like such a wonderful place to sit and wait for the irises.

    Beautiful photos. I could use a good garden assistant like that. 🙂

    1. I do like the gardens, and you’re right they are a lot of work, especially since we just moved here last year and are trying to get things back into shape. I couldn’t hardly walk this morning after spending more than five hours digging ivy out yesterday. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


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