The thrill of victory

I woke up with a full mind, but nothing I wanted to post about, and then I opened my e-mail and saw that my brother provided me with the perfect post for this gray day.

This is my nephew Brodie who drove my brother crazy with his pursuit of Ultimate Frisbee when he should have been in school, but who has since settled quite nicely into a teacher’s position in Florida, apparently without losing his frisbee skills.

The best part of the video is Brodie’s obvious delight. The videographer shares the thrill of victory but spares us the agony of defeat.


8 thoughts on “The thrill of victory”

  1. I’m guessing a game of disc golf with Brodie would result in the agony of defeat for me. lol!

    Pretty amazing trick shots. 🙂

  2. Your nephew is very talented….
    He’ll also make a great husband always ready to take out the trash! LOL


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