If the rains don’t stop

If this rain ever lets up I’ll get back to my garden.

In the meantime Mark’s got the hull of the boat pretty much put together in our garage, and I’m trying to decide how many separate compartments we’ll need. Some of the animals can probably share, like the squirrels, rabbits and most of the birds.

I shouldn’t have any trouble finding a couple of squirrels—the woods are crawling with them. The tricky part will be getting the right gender.

I should also be able to catch a couple of rabbits. And we have pretty many worms and creepy-crawly things in the soil. Do I need to worry about gender with those? I wonder.

A turtle was in our yard the other day. I don’t know if it’s the same one that I saw in my neighbor’s yard. I hope not, because that means I can get two. Although again, gender is the pesky thing. Does anyone know how to determine turtle gender?

I don’t have any problem with the cardinals, it’s obvious which ones are the males. Probably true for some of the other birds too. I’ll have to check my book. I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my parakeet net. I don’t know how I’ll catch all those birds now.

The ducks should be fairly easy to catch, if I can get them to come down from the trees.

Dogs are simple. I’ll take the little white dog with a bad haircut who thinks he’s a hunting dog, and his little fluffy white girlfriend Cotton who lives around the corner. Not sure how good either of them will be for propagating however. I’ll have to think about this one. But there are plenty of dogs in this neighborhood, judging by their early morning serenades. It shouldn’t be a problem.

As for larger animals, I can trap a couple of deer that pass through.  If the males have their antlers it should be easy to figure that out.

They’re here day and night.

But I may just leave these guys behind. After I had a middle-of-the-night standoff with a raccoon who was trying to steal my Tupperware bowl, filled with chocolate chip cookies, from our dining tent on a camping trip, I’ve lost all affection for raccoons.

And there are some cows in a field down the road that I may be able to snatch. I’ll have to go find some horses. There are probably some of those out here somewhere.

Oh, how could I forget. I have two groundhogs to round things out. I know where they live. And I’m pretty sure they’re a heterogeneous couple. At least I think they are.

Anyway, we’ll be ready.

If the rains don’t stop.


9 thoughts on “If the rains don’t stop”

  1. Thanks everyone for stopping by. We live in the midwest near Cincinnati. Our house shares a private drive with two others and we are surrounded by thin woods in a subdivision. I love it here.

  2. I agree with you about the rains. Here in WA it seems the ground just doesn’t have a chance to dry out enough to be able to work in the garden and the weeds just keep growning. I love you photos.


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