Twittering by Accident

Okay. I started this blog on purpose. At least I intended to do it, I may not have fully realized what it entailed at the time. All the “Get-an-agent” and “Publish-it-yourself” books and articles said I needed a platform. First time I heard that word.

So I started a blog.

I also read somewhere that it’s a good idea to get a Twitter account and start following publishing houses and other writers. So I went to Twitter, no big deal, and signed up. Then I searched for writers and publishers, came up with a few, and clicked the follow button. Easy peazy. Welcome to the world, cmsmith57. (The 57 was a necessary addition, because, duh, Smith,Β and it is my birth year, if I was to tell. I didn’t check but there are probably a million of us out there. Somewhere along the line I made the genius decision to use my maiden name for my online presence. Big mistake. )

Anyway, I’m on Twitter, I’m cruising and well on my way!

Then I got an e-mail that said “Mary Strubbe (@MaryStrubbe) is now following you on Twitter!”

Oh my goodness. That set me into a panic. Why is someone following me? I’m not going anywhere. I don’t even know how to tweet.

Anyway, that was my less-than-glamorous beginning.

I waded out into the Twitter water. Luck struck and one of my favorite blog writers, Julia Munroe Martin (, found me on Twitter and started following me as well. She has opened the door for me to several interesting and helpful writers, bloggers and tweeters.

Julia also recently awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award for which I publicly thank her here and now. Thank you Julia, for this and so much more! As this was the second time I received this award, I don’t plan to devote a whole post to the award requirements of sharing seven things about myself and passing the award on to 15 more bloggers. (I’m sure there are at least a couple of readers who are thinking, thank goodness, not again!) What I will do is try to slip that information into blogs as I go.

Anyway, I gave you my birth year above, so I have six factoids to go.

As for bloggers, Nina Badzin ( just saved myΒ  Twittering life today. She gave some very good blogging tips in a recent post which led me to her site to begin with. While there I found three posts on TWITTERING. Hooray! Very good tips in these posts about Hootsuite, Lists, the use of Favorites, Direct Messaging, and retweets. If you’re not on Twitter you might not know what these mean. If, like me, you’ve just started Twitter, you probably still don’t know what these meant.

I think Twitter will allow me to find helpful information more quickly and easily, which in the long run will be a time saver. Although, I’ve got to tell you, right now, not so much.

So yesterday, I wanted to view a photo on flickr and I ended up having to sign up and start a new account. Oh no. Not again.


In all these photos I have, this is the best I could do for a bird? Why can't I find a picture of a cute little gray titmouse? Now I'm on a mission. . .

22 thoughts on “Twittering by Accident”

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I’m so glad those posts helped. I actually just wrote a Twitter Tips: Part IV about STOPPING THE MADNESS OF ALL THE THANKING but I won’t put it up for a few weeks . . . have to make sure sure it’s not too . . . ungrateful sounding. πŸ˜‰

  2. Thank you SO much for the huge shout out, Christine! I am really honored to be one of your favorite bloggers — I feel the same way about your blog. And, I too, was helped immensely by Nina’s blogs about Twitter (but I prob. won’t thank her again until I read Part IV of her tips…. πŸ™‚

    Finally, I love your seagull photo — and all your photos! Cheers, Julia

  3. very nice post:)

    As you probably have seen on my blog I have stopped posting. This was and is to get more focus where focus is needed.

    And that is what happens,we start in one place and end up in another…mostly this is evolution i think but sometimes it can be overwhelming and just not right for the place we are in.

    I am on FB and Twitter and blog. FB for me is good to keep up with my children and my sangha members. Twitter is my fav because of the helpful people. Blogging I enjoy but not in the way i think most people do.

    ps – Oh and not to mention LinkIn πŸ™‚ Good for professional links.

    But really you are doing fine…stop worrying that you will get it wrong and enjoy the moment. and here are some virtual hugs…Debra

    1. I agree 100%. I have all the same networks going as you do, plus I check in on some groups at Writer’s Digest.

      We all have to do what works for us.

  4. I always love hearing about people falling in love (or like) with Twitter. It never happens to the people I’d expect. I have friends starting businesses, who I’m always telling: “Get on Twitter!” but after a week or so it gets overwhelming for them and they give up. So I guess it’s not for everyone, but I think it’s perfect for writers. We’re at our computer all day, usually alone, and it’s nice to log on and feel like we have virtual colleagues.

  5. Congrats on your VB award! πŸ™‚

    I like that gull. I think he should represent Twitter.

    I’ve been thinking about deleting my Twitter account. I just don’t find it useful, and it eats up a lot of time. Maybe I’m not using it correctly.

    1. Before you give up, check out the twitter link I posted on Nina’s blog and read through all three (links to subsequent ones are at the bottom of each.) I’m going to go try to find you.

  6. Gulls don’t have the time to twitter!

    I’m on twitter, but just to send links into the twittersphere….


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