Happy birthday, Bambi — part 1

There were two deer in our yard this morning. I rarely get photos of the deer because I am usually too enthralled watching their graceful stealth to run and get my camera.

On this very day last year, I was taking Arthur for a walk early in the morning when I noticed something brown in my neighbor’s grass. I didn’t recognize the shape at first. Is that a lost animal, curled up from last night? I wondered.

Baby deer, or fawn, in neighbor's yard

Arthur and I cautiously moved closer and I saw what was clearly was an ear, pop up from the otherwise circular shape. That is an animal, I thought. But what kind of animal? It didn’t really look like a cat or dog.

As I got close, the animal put its head back down and lie very still, a self-preservation instinct, I suppose.

Close up of fawn in neighbor's yard

It was a baby deer.

I ran back to the house with Arthur and grabbed my camera. How often do you get to take a photo of an infant fawn? We returned, again cautiously, I didn’t want to scare the baby and have him run away somewhere. I used a telephoto lens so I wouldn’t have to get too close.

I could see that the grass around the fawn was matted down from the weight of a larger animal, but I didn’t know where the mother was or if she’d be back.

Fawn has blue eyes

I took a few pictures and then started to get worried about the little deer. Would the mother be back? Would he be okay until she returned? Was there something I should do?

Thank goodness for the internet. I returned home and found out in short order that mother deer often leave their newborn fawns to go get food. I was instructed to leave it be. The doe would be back.

Through the next few hours I kept an eye out for the tiny deer that I could see from my front walk. But I wasn’t watching when I heard Arthur barking and recognized his announcement of a “deer!”. I hurried to the kitchen door and was able to catch a shot of the mother reuniting with the baby. I only wish I had taken video, because it was one of the cutest natural interactions I had ever witnessed between wild animals.

Doe returns to fawn

By the time I got to the window, the baby was already up on four legs and was prancing around its mother. It looked so happy to see her. I’ll never forget it.

Doe with fawn

She just looked exhausted. She stood for a few minutes while the baby pranced around her, and then slowly walked into the woods with the baby following close behind her.

Doe walks into woods with fawn

Important Update !!!

(8:45 a.m.) Look what I just saw out of my kitchen window today. . .

Sorry about the photo quality. When I first looked at the images, they were completely black because of low light in the woods. My heart sank that I’d lost the images. I photoshopped them and was able to make out these poor-quality images. Here’s a closer view.

Now I have to worry today about the little deer walking alone in the woods. Oh my gosh. I’ve never seen anything so precious. Hurry back mother.

18 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Bambi — part 1”

  1. Wow… what amazing photo’s how cute is that.. I guess we forget that we are the intruders into natures territory. A wonderful detailed account of your encounter with Bambi … I was emailed a photo the other day of a baby Moose that was born on a lawn too.. … Will look forward to Part 2.

      1. Actually their white-tail deer not moose, Moose are much much larger and a dark brown, and they have calves not fawns, and their babies are large. Another wake to tell moose and deer apart is not only size and color, but ears, white-tail feet have smaller eared than moose, moose ears are larger. They also have smaller tails. ^_^

  2. Isn’t this fantastic? To get so close to nature is incredible. Where I work we have a doe who has a new born and she still has last year’s in tow. It makes a stunning picture first thing in the morning.

    1. Are you sure it’s last years and not a twin from this year? I read they discourage last year’s brood right before this year’s arrive.

    1. Yes. The trust was amazing. That’s why I was surprised about the little guy I saw this morning. I think he probably was not supposed to be out exploring on his own.

  3. Loved it. Mother deer often leave their babies behind. Glad this mama came back and reunited with her fawn. 😀

    Thanks, Christine!

    1. They say they all do that. And honestly, if you carried a baby around inside for 6-1/2 months, you’d probably make sure it at least had a shot at surviving.

  4. Life couldn’t be any better with you sharing the baby pictures of the deer. THanks.

  5. It might depend on the type of deer. White tailed deer tend to keep a yearling about before sending them off.

    Great pictures!


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