Weekly photo challenge: Numbers

I don’t usually like to mention my children on this blog, but I couldn’t resist showing you these four little numbers:

Michael as Theseus 1999

Here’s a little number I made for Michael when he played Theseus in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream his senior year at Covington Latin High School in Covington, Kentucky.

Matthew (fifth from the left with navy jacket) playing the clarinet — 1996

Matthew and the grade school band play this little number during halftime at an Elder High School football game, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Anna (on the left) — 1995

Anna does a little number with a friend for a recital at the end of a summer drama class.

Mark Joseph — 1998

Joe wears a bomber pilot jacket I made from felt for him and his classmates for the gradeschool’s spring concert. His little group dance number was to the song Into the Wild Blue Yonder.

There are my four numbers.

Oh. Did you mean numbers as in numerals?

My mistake.


9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Numbers”

  1. Lovely numbers, Christine.

    1995-1999 seems like just yesterday to me (in many ways), but I expect that your children look a tad different these days. 😀


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