Weekly photo challenge: Morning

The sharp whistle wakes me from my reverie and I shuffle over in my robe and black Isotoner slippers. The clean, clear, and now hot water creates steam as I pour it over the tea bags.

Water, the source of all life, takes on the hue and flavor of the dried leaves of nature and becomes my morning comfort.

Who needs coffee when you can have tea?

11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Morning”

  1. More beautiful photos. I LOVE that teapot! Is it cast iron? And I love your kitchen counters. HOWEVER…. NO WAY will I have tea over coffee in the morning! Afternoon or evening? I’ll happily join you in a cuppa!

    1. Well, I mourned over the loss of coffee for years after I was no longer able to drink it because of a stomach problem. I used to hate it when my husband wanted to stop at a Starbucks every morning when we traveled.

      I’m over it now.

      Content with my tea.

  2. When I’m sick, I prefer Tea to Coffee.
    Afternoon Tea, with scones, is a delight.
    In the morning, I reach for a cuppa Joe.
    Java Juice helps me go with the flow. 😀

    Loved your take on the theme.
    I planned to do coffee, but got sidetracked by the roosters.

  3. The teapot caught my eye, too. It’s very pretty. I’m experimenting with coffee, but tea is still my favorite.


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