A light show from the heavens

Last Thursday we were driving home from dropping Arthur off at my daughter’s house in Columbus, Ohio. We were going to Minnesota for a wedding and Anna was going to watch Arthur for us as she has done in the past.

We were driving along I-71 south towards Cincinnati when the dark ominous clouds rolled in. We had a panoramic view of the thunderous clouds in the distance with streaks of gray shooting down to the earth. Soon it started pouring big drops of rains that splatted on our windshield.

Up ahead the sun broke through the clouds and Mark said, “I see a rainbow behind us.”

I twisted in my seat, constrained by my seat belt, and saw a full brilliant rainbow arch across the sky. (And no, I did not open the moon roof and stand up to shoot from there as Mark helpfully suggested. I do have my limits.) By the time we were able to pull over so I could hop out and take a photograph, some clouds had obscurred the view. But I notice now, that the rainbow has the shadow of a double rainbow.

It has been many years since I’ve seen a rainbow, a sign from the heavens that all will be well after the storms.

The last few years, with the onset of Dad’s dementia, Annie’s illness and death, Dad’s continued decline, and my mom’s day-to-day struggle with coping, sometimes I feel like I am in a never-ending storm.

So I’ll willingly, happily, and gratefully take this light show from the heavens as a sign that all will be well.

18 thoughts on “A light show from the heavens”

  1. What a wonderful gift you received in this light show! Such gorgeous skies, especially after looking so threatening. πŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos, Christine! I love car trips when I’m a captive audience to the outside view, and it looks like you guys hit the jackpot–complete with reassuring message! Have a wonderful trip to Minnesota (don’t forget to tweet bird photos, but NO PRESSURE πŸ™‚

  3. I can place myself in your shoes. I still look for “signs”- every chance I get. The decline of our precious family member’s mind seems to be one of the the most heart wrenching things to witness. Alzheimer’s may just be the cruelest disease out there.
    My Mother savored her memories like the glistening sunshine. She gleamed when speaking of the past. Her memories were so vivid that she could recall every detail of a particular day. They softened her heart, which at times was riddled with hurtful memories of the past, not unlike many of us. But her memories most often filled her up with warmth. Perhaps she knew that the future would rob her of all she was -all she knew, so she hung on to those memories with every ounce of being she could gather. Somedays she was brought to tears. She wanted so much to go back to the days my sister and I were just young and she could sit down, play, laugh and hold us with all the love she had for us. For her, her memories were her life. She would pull out boxes of pictures and time and time again, spend hours recalling of the youth that escapes us all. She would recall our childhood and beam with pride that she just like myself, centered our worlds around raising our children. That it was the most important time of our lives.
    Now as I get older and my children are moving on with their lives, I look for those “signs”. The signs that everything, both the joy and the sadness have meaning and when we all reach the other side that we will all be together again, that this heartache we witness has a great purpose … and everything will be all right.
    Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures.

  4. Oh, Christine. These photos are gorgeous! You must have a wonderful camera to capture such scenes. I don’t think my digital would do it.

    Sometimes life does make us feel like we’re in constant storms. I can truly relate to what you’re experiencing right now in your family. Life is a test and a trial. But there are moments of blinding light and a rainbow that promises all will be well. The calm will come–after we’ve gone through the necessary trials.

    Meanwhile, let’s keep that rainbowed light always in our mind’s eye.

    Thank you SO MUCH for such a lovely post.

  5. I just love rainbows and we get alot here in the UK with the sunshine and showers.. More showers than Sun I have to point out though this Summer lol.. but thats nothing new for the UK. Wishing you some sunshine!


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