My wild pets from the woods have returned

Last night I wrote a blog for this morning after returning home from visiting my parents. It was about do not resuscitate orders, alzheimer’s and my dad. It was sad. I may post it tomorrow, or another day, or never.

But today my little wild pets from the woods call to me in their insistence to be noticed.

I was concerned over the weekend because I hadn’t seen any deer in two or three weeks, which is unusual. We saw multiple dead deer by the side of the road on our way to Columbus last week, and I was just concerned that maybe the deer that frequent our woods and yard were gone.

But Monday morning as I was eating breakfast, I looked out our kitchen door and saw this little mother peering at me through the leaves of our woodland garden. Soon, I saw a little spotted shadow close behind.

Look closely and you will see the head of the doe to the left and the little fawn to the right.

I watched them as they moved through the garden, across the drive and into the woods.

I love watching the fawns with their mothers. The mothers are constantly on guard, watching and listening for a warning that danger is near. The little fawns are playful like puppies as they hop and prance around their mother, never straying too far away. I wonder if this is the little fawn I saw in my garden, all alone, a few weeks ago.

Then yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk in the study, all of a sudden a little fawn scampered out of the woods across the drive, ran around in a circle on the pavement, and then dashed back into the woods. Precious. I think this little baby probably was the little adventurous one I spotted alone near my garden.

This morning Mark called to me from the study, “Come quick. There are baby deer in the yard.” I grabbed my camera and ran to the study window, but they had already moved out of sight around the house. I went into our bedroom and saw this little guy close to our house. His mother and sibling were closer to the woods. I didn’t want to scare them away, so I tried to shoot through the blinds.

Although there wasn’t enough light to get a clear photo under these circumstances, Mark held the blinds open for me and I shot a series of photos before something scared them. The fawns, who were up by the house and out of my line of sight, ran into the woods and the doe followed.

I’m going to have to keep my video camera handy and try to capture the movement of my wild little pets from the woods. I’m also going to have to keep a close watch on Arthur who was lured out of his electric fence and into the woods last year by two playful and inviting little fawns.

14 thoughts on “My wild pets from the woods have returned”

  1. Adorable! (We used to have a family of deer in our neighborhood — one night I was out walking the dog late at night and I looked over at the side of the road (about 10 feet away) and one was standing there looking back at ME. Scared me to death!) I hope you can get some videos, that would be amazing. p.s. your garden is spectacular!

    1. They’re very still and quiet. I can imagine you were startled. They can be dangerous if threatened, at least the bucks can be. We had a buck charge down our driveway at our old house. Really scary.

  2. These are beautiful. I’ve not had the opportunity to see many fawns. Animal youngsters are so playful. You’ve mentioned Arthur a couple of times recently. I’m going to have to find out who that is!

  3. We had multiple deer in Omaha (we lived in the bluffs, close to the Missouri River). It was always fun in the spring to watch the fawns playing together – there would be 2-4 momma deers standing there watching them. When the babies were really new, we could see the momma’s hiding them in our neighbors flower beds and then pushing them back in when they came wandering out.

    After we got the dogs, we put an electronic fence around our lower lot. The deer would congregate in the upper lot, mill around looking for the dogs, then go charging through our backyard if they didn’t see the dogs. They knew the dogs couldn’t get to the upper lot and they didn’t linger around the lower lot anymore.

    Needless to say, all our trees were trimmed to pretty much the same level – the same height of a deer that stood up on its back legs to eat it.


  4. Do the deer ever eat your plants? Unfortunately, they come through my garden and feast away. I never see them do it obviously. I have seen the bunnies traipsing through my yard…several of them chasing one another. I know they get to munching as well. While I try to discourage them…I figure there are so many plants…they can have a few here and there.

    not much i can do about the wildlife…they’re here to stay…hopefully.


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