Weekly photo challenge — Worn

I should be embarrassed to post this photo of these worn out boots. This is the first pair of work boots I ever owned, and with any amount of luck, it will be the last. I remember how stiff they were when I first bought them, probably nearly 20 years ago. I got them after I got serious about gardening with a shovel. You need boots with a hard sole if you’re going to be using a shovel.

I tried to dig in my garden one day with gym shoes and I wasn’t able to walk on my foot for about a week. I had overstretched the tendons in the bottom of my foot by pushing down on the shovel without enough support to keep my foot rigid. Painful.

These boots were so hard and stiff when I first got them that I felt like I was ready to go downhill skiing or space walking.

But I’ve walked in wet grass, splashed them with the hose, dug in soil, and slogged through mud with them. They are worn in nicely now and are quite comfortable to work in.

I sure hope they last me as long as my interest in gardening with a shovel does. I’d hate to have to break in a new pair.


14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge — Worn”

  1. Wow, nice boots — and great rationale for getting them! I’m afraid to say I do all my gardening in crocs… yikes, no WONDER my feet hurt all the time! I may need to consider buying some gardening boots! Nice post (and you’re the second person’s blog I read today who had pictures of shoes in it, the other was fancy shoes, though, and her feet were in them!). Maybe it’s shoe day?!

    1. Just be careful not to overextend your foot if you’re using a shovel. You won’t know you’ve done it at the time. You just won’t be able to walk on your heel for a while. The name for what happens eludes me. But it’s quite painful.

      If you buy the boots, and break them in, you will love them.

  2. I shouldn’t be embarrassed but rather proud of your boots! They show they’ve been put to good use. I’m dreading the day my hiking boots wear out and I have to replace them. Wearing them is vacation for my feet and me. I can step anywhere and be safe.


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