Three for Thursday, plus one

I decided to share a few blog links that I like to follow.  A lot of bloggers have catchy little phrases that help their readers know what’s coming. I was going to post Five for Friday, but then I realized it was only Thursday. But that’s okay because I can do Three for Thursday. Unfortunately, I had already picked out and copied links to four blogs I wanted to share today. See, that’s one of the reasons the concept of regular topics posted by day of the week is never going to work for me. I have trouble with pre-defined limits. I also have trouble sticking to a schedule. We might as well just go ahead and throw self-discipline in there too.

Drum roll. Here they are.

After yesterday’s post about faith, I found this post by LeRoy Dean from the Wordsmith’s Desk on the Need to Know. His posts are short, easily manageable, and inspirational. You might want to visit this link, then go to his homepage and scroll down for a little bit until something catches your fancy.

Publatariat, founded by author of the indie author guide, April L. Hamilton,  is a newsletter that publishes helpful information for self-publishers. If you are on that journey, you might want to subscribe (for free). It is packed full of helpful information and links.

Bob Mayer has 20 years of traditional and two years of indie publishing experience. His recent blog post, If I Were a Newly Self-Published Author, What Steps Would I Take To Succeed? contains some helpful advice. Again, if this is your journey, his blog may be one you subscribe to or bookmark.

Kristen Lamb is a social media guru, successful author with two books out about social media and blogging, and very nice person. Her recent blog post Understanding Influence, Making the Most of Our Time on Social Media, is worth the time for anyone who is trying to understand and build that elusive platform.

That’s three plus one.

But I have to add one more. See what I mean?

I want you to see something my brilliant and talented son Matthew just posted on his Facebook page. He works in Buffalo, NY for Fisher Price by day and is a manic artist and muralist by night. It’s on Tumblr at BigBluTeddyBear (although he now calls it Ogre Hungry for reasons unknown.)

I hope you at least clicked on Matt’s artwork because it’s pretty cool.

You can find links to some of the other blogs I follow at my Rapunzel Speaks and Gives Awards post from March 29.

10 thoughts on “Three for Thursday, plus one”

  1. That’s why you need to think in broader terms that won’t box you in. How about Thoughts for Thursday? Monday Mentions? Tuesday Treasures? Friday’s Findings? Wonderful Wednesdays? I could go on like this forever, LOL. Linits are great. Nooses? Not so great. Good blogging takes practice. It will sharpen you as a writer and train you for the professional life of an author :D.

    Thanks for the mention. I hope you take the Blogging for Brand class I will be teaching in July for the Write It Forward Workshop.

    1. Thanks, Kristen. I agree about the broader terms. I’m clearly not boxed in.

      Your class sounds interesting and fun, but for now I’m swearing off classes and other diversions and putting my nose to the grindstone of getting this book published. After that I’ll be in a panic to learn how to Brand myself.

  2. You have a very interesting and beautiful blog that sometimes, like this time, is very informative too. I will check out your recommendations. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for some great links, Christine. Always a fan of yours, and today a fan of your son’s too! What a talented artist. I’m so glad you shared it with us. (p.s. I love the catchy way you shared all 4 blogs on Three (+1) for Thursday — very very clever! 🙂

  4. Looks like you’ve got your own little community going here…not sure what the catchy phrases refer to…but the links look really great!

    will check them out…so much to see…is there ever enough time? 😉


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