Six for Saturday — I’m getting hooked on this

Since I’m not feeling terribly entertaining, I decided to give you some fun blog posts I found this week. I was going to do Funny Friday, but then I realized Friday was the first day of July. Not that that’s not funny, although it isn’t particularly, but I also realized that some of these links can’t be classified, in a strict sense, as funny. Maybe my problem is that I just get too technically correct about things. Anyway, I found six, and it’s Saturday. (I thought about deliberately misspelling six as sex hoping to get more hits that way, but I decided I am not willing to stoop that low to gain readership.)

1. I just found Nicole Pyles from The World of My Imagination on Twitter Thursday when she started following me. I read her post Waiting for Inspiration—a Bus that Almost Never Shows —  in which she includes a great link. It’s worth the two minutes.

2. Here’s a good one from MomaLog, a relatively new find of mine from Twitter. She’s just plain-out funny. You might enjoy 20 Things I Can’t Believe I Said to my Kids.

3. Do you want to know how to add funny little faces to your blog comments? Nancy Hatch from Spirit Lights the Way explains how in Show Some Emotion.

4. Artist Carl D’Agostino shows us the whales are getting serious in this Save the Whales cartoon from his I Know I Made you Smile blog.

5. This is just a fun little blog as Julia Munroe Martin blogs on WordsXO about her efforts at Getting into Character. Julia writes, edits and blogs from the coast of Maine when she’s not bird-watching, gardening or tweeting.

6. So many times we read about mothers and children, but rarely do we come across a dad and son post. Aaron D. Graham is usually funny, but sometimes he throws in a heart-felt post about watching his son grow up. You might enjoy Stick That in Your Dragon and Puff It.

I hope you are all having a wonderful, safe and fun Fourth of July weekend.


10 thoughts on “Six for Saturday — I’m getting hooked on this”

  1. Christine! Made my morning to come over here and see that you linked to my post on getting into character! I’m so glad you liked the post, and I’m really thrilled that you chose it for one of your six! (However, I am a little DISAPPOINTED that you did not do Six + 1!) I am heading over to the other 5 now. (p.s. Here’s something weird I just read recently: if you use #s in your post headlines, more people read the posts if you use numerals and not spelled-out numbers. Is that weird or what? Just thought you might like to try, since you’re getting hooked on numbers (is that anything like hooked on phonics? 🙂 Thanks again, friend!

  2. Yes, Happy 4th of July holiday weekend!

    I agree with Julia… there is some psychological reason we chose #’s over words. Maybe they speak to us on a more primal level?

    Be well and always happy,

  3. How about “6 Satisfying (and SEXY!) Posts for Saturday” . . . that would bring them in in droves! Of course, referring to my post on emoticons as “sexy” might be a bit of a stretch.

    I do find that using numbers in the title does attract views.

    Thanks for the inclusion, Christine! What a lovely surprise on a Saturday morning. 😯

  4. I picked one out of six, probably because I’m familiar with Ms. Nancy Hatch. Her posts are always an easy read and compelling. Look what I learned: 🙄 Ha! Thanks for share the links. Blessings to you…

  5. Hello there: You did not have to mispell “six”/”sex” or whatever to get any readers! (-: Thanks for the shout-out. I’m so glad we met on Twitter! – Ado

  6. Have been out of the loop because of recent fiasco with bed bugs, cicadas, food poisoning, and ER visit. So am not too familiar with what’s been happening in the blogosphere, let alone twittersphere. Will have to visit a lot to get caught up it seems. You’ve gone light years ahead. Will definitely check out these other links.

    for sharing…hugs…hugmamma. 🙂


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