Successful Self-Publishing: Assignment #10

For this final workshop assignment we were asked to go back through our project binder and review each worksheet. Then we were to write a response about what what we learned, what surprised us and what indie authorship means to us and our work.

After this, I plan to continue to periodically post about my self-publishing journey. For more frequent updates, please friend me at my Facebook page — Christine M Grote.

I’ve gone back over the previous nine sessions and don’t see a lot of things that need to be adjusted or changed for this project.

I’ve been focusing mostly on the publication process itself and less on the promotional aspects.

I think the schedules I defined earlier are still do-able, but I need to make some things happen. I mentioned those things in the last assignment. I would like to have a solid book in my hand by the second anniversary of Annie’s death, August 16. Ideally, I would like the book to be available for purchase by then, but I’m not sure the timing will work out.

I’m still deliberating on whether or not to purchase my own ISBNs. I have three or four more book ideas I want to work on, so I could use the extra ISBNs down the road. I need to re-examine the opportunities purchasing my own give me.

I am moving along building a platform, as I mentioned last session. I know I still need to put a lot of work here.

My biggest unknowns right now are promotional activities. I am confident my daughter will be able to design any print materials I need. I know that at minimum I want to print some nice quality bookmarks. I will need other materials as well.

Another big concern I have right now is getting significant reviews. I need to go back through the chapter on this and check with my online resources about the best way to get reviews.

Right now I am focused on getting the business set-up, getting the book ready to print, and getting my author website up so that I can communicate with readers. I think all of these things have to happen before I can publish.

After I get the POD book out, I think I should be able to quickly publish in e-book formats.

Once I have the book available for purchase, I will focus my efforts on promotion.

What surprises me the most about this course and the idea of self-publishing is just how excited I am about doing it. I came into this workshop with a lot of questions, doubts and concerns. Through the course of this workshop I have been able to work my way through most of those.

I can make this happen. That’s what I am most excited about. I don’t have to draft letters, psychoanalyze responses, or lack of, from too-busy and overwhelmed agents, redraft, sit and hope and pray.

I’m going to make this happen. I’m going to give the book the title I want it to have. I’m going to include all the stories I want to. And I’m going to do it now, not two, three or four years from now.

It may not be as professional as other books are that are published by traditional publishing houses, but it will be out there. And it will be heartfelt.

I may not receive the esteem of the literary community, or perhaps even the public at large, but my story will be available for anyone who wants to read it.

And it will hopefully let Annie’s light shine a little longer.

7 thoughts on “Successful Self-Publishing: Assignment #10”

  1. Check out that new banner! I have the feeling we’re celebrating more than just the fourth of July 🙂
    Love the happy photo of your sis. Best of luck with the book. You’ve worked hard for it, Christine.

  2. What an amazing accomplishment…not sure I could stick with the process. But then again, you’ve got a very good reason to make this book happen. Annie’s smiling down upon you.When you’ve got an angel on your side…

    …anything’s possible…hugmamma. 😉

  3. The new banner is awesome BTW. SO I was just gonna wish you well this week with your assighment and class this week and then I read that this is your final assignment. Congrats! I really loved your last few paragrapghs of this post, very touching. I copied and pasted your words and put it on my quote wall.


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