Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

I love old-fashioned things. The older I get the more old-fashioned I become, not because I like older things, but because the things I know, am familiar with, grew up with, are now old-fashioned.

I made this Christening gown several years back for a silent auction at our son’s school. It was from an Heirloom pattern that I bought. The gown is hand-smocked (I’d never done that before) and decorated with embroidery or crewel stitches.

The inside seams of the gown were french finished.

I spent hours and hours every night sitting in the family room hand-sewing this gown and cap. When I was finished, I thought it was the most beautiful garment I had ever made. I couldn’t hardly bear to part with it. But I had committed to donating it to the auction, so I folded it, wrapped it in tissue, placed it in a gift box, and hand delivered it to the woman in charge of this rather large fund raiser.

I wasn’t attending the event, but one of my best friends was. When I found this out, I had her bid on the gown for me the night of the event. I bought the gown back for $300. I wrote it off as a donation to my son’s school. All-in-all not a bad deal.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned”

    1. It was always something I wanted to do, too. Now I’ve done it. Serious smockers have a pleater which I imagine makes for a much neater and more professional job.

      I enjoyed making it.

    1. It’s pretty feminine. I offered to make a more masculine one from a pattern I bought for my grandson, but they opted for a little sweater suit. It was cute.

      We’ll have to see. I hope somebody is able to use it, or back to an auction it goes.


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