Overcoming Obstacles

This is one of the most amazing things I have seen in nature.

Gatlinburg — 2002

I do not know how this tree managed to grow on this rock and send its roots across the stone surface to the ground. It is a good example of persistence in survival and overcoming obstacles.


21 thoughts on “Overcoming Obstacles”

  1. Love this photo. I see a lot of things like this in nature. It is truly amazing how trees will adapt even grow onto the base and up almost into twin trees…I’ve seen this with different species like a pine attaching to an oak. I suppose it’s survival of the fittest!

    1. Hmmm. Still having difficulty figuring that out. And the roots still had to go around the rock, didn’t they?

      Anyway. Thanks for bursting my bubble, Marty. I knew I could count on you old friend.

      1. He’s such a party pooper!

        No matter what came first, the chicken or the egg, this IS a beautiful example of fortitude and determination. It faced a “stone” wall and climbed right over it! It’s a masterpiece by God!

        I need to post pics of some trees by our house that were faced with obstacles. (Mind you, they won’t be anywhere as magnificent as this pic, but everytime I see them, I am fascinated by their growth.)

  2. Every Tree starts out life as a seedling.. We can all take a little Leaf out of its tree,.. For do we not all at some point in our lives walk a rocky path.. but we manage to weave in and out of the obsticles life throws our way.. So too has this Tree woven its roots over the stone to over come the obsticle.. seeking out the furtile soil- the Good things in life, and growing all the stronger in the process. Beautiful photo choice. 🙂

  3. Seen a lot of tree root shapes esp along the Miami and Keys sea shore. Father used to make lamps, legs for glass top coffee table and wall hangings out of the strange shapes. Can we call that root art?

    1. I think the roots along river banks (and I suppose sea shores as well) are among the most fascinating. I’ll bet he made some pretty cool things.

      Sure, we can call that root art, or anything you want to.


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