Suggestions for prevention of Alzheimer’s — beginning today

According to a new study, living healthy may help to prevent Alzheimer’s. Marilynn Marchione’s Associated Press article, “Study: Healthy living can help prevent Alzheimer’s” summarizes a study presented yesterday at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in France. “Seven conditions or behaviors account for up to half of the 35 million cases of Alzheimer’s around the world, it found.”

“The study used a mathematical model to estimate the impact of top modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease: smoking, depression, low education, diabetes, too little exercise, and obesity and high blood pressure in mid-life.” Study

Let’s start working on our health: physical as well as mental. You know the rules:

If you smoke, stop. Easy for me to say, I know. But the way you get off this planet may depend on it.

If you struggle from depression, seek help.

Continue to use your mind your whole life. Continue to learn. Read something challenging, learn something new. Don’t stop.

If you have diabetes take the most positive steps you can to get keep your blood sugar levels under control. You know what they are.

Starting today, get moving. Get up and walk to the corner. Play a favorite song from your high school days and dance in your living room. Dance in your kitchen. Just dance. Do one thing, even one small thing today that is more physically active than you did yesterday. Do that everyday, one more little thing.

Get your weight under control and keep it there. You know what is bad and what is good for your body. Start taking care of it.

You may think high blood pressure is something you can’t control, but I believe you can. If you don’t know, get yours checked. Find out how to reduce or manage the  stress in your life.

This morning I walked 1.4 miles at the Voice of America Park. It wasn’t much. But it was 1.4 miles more than I walked yesterday.

I don’t have to sit here at my computer desk helplessly bemoaning the fact that I may get Alzheimer’s. Neither do you.

The day to begin is today.

Voice of America Park, West Chester, Ohio — July 20, 2011

27 thoughts on “Suggestions for prevention of Alzheimer’s — beginning today”

      1. I walked on the track at the gym today for about 30 minutes. Its too hot and muggy for any good outside walking right now, but it felt good to get my body moving. I’ve been doing a little swimming this week too. Go Team!

  1. Great, helpful information ~ thanks for sending it out. And congratulations on getting out for the walk. I’ve been a firm believer in the power of “walking” for many years now. Just walking each day or every other day has pulled me through some pretty serious physical problems in the past.


  2. Great reminders, Christine! I REALLY need to get myself in gear! (p.s. However, I’m pretty disappointed that the mental exercises of blogging and tweeting are not on this list! 🙂

  3. All illnesses are so sad as we watch our loved ones get sicker. But this disease seems so cruel as we watch the mind evaporate. I have always wondered what the final days of President Reagan were like. I know they used to dress him up, give him a brief case and let him sit in an office room for an hour and bring him home for rest. People would visit for a short while.I don’t think he knew what was going on but they did that for a while. It is probably better that we don’t know more about the demise of this great American, the very soul of the nation. I am brought to tears even as I type this comment.

    1. It does seem cruel. That’s very sad about them dressing him up. No wonder it brought you to tears. We go great distances to try to comfort our loved ones. How painful that must have been for the people who did it.

    2. You might enjoy reading “I Love You, Ronnie – The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan.” She’s pretty candid about their love for one another. And you get a sense of his last days, from Nancy’s perspective. Very touching, wonderfully written. Their story made me laugh, more than cry, although I did shed a few tears at the heartache of two people who were literally each others’ world.

      made me love my hubby…even more. 😉

  4. You have a lovely place to walk, Christine. Thanks for the tips, always trying to do my best to maintain a healthy body, glad to know it helps the mind, too.

  5. Our elevator keeps breaking down. The last time I had to pry my way out of it, I decided to take the steps for a while. Good exercise. I think I’ll keep doing it when the elevator is fixed. Blessings to you…

  6. lovely Post and beautiful Park…. I love walking and Yes we can change our lives and Im proof of it.. As a suffer of Fibromyalgia aproc 10 yrs ago I could hardly get up the stairs of my own home to bed, Now my record walk is 8 miles in one go… Life is for living I totally agree, we do far more moaning about the things we cant do instead of getting on with the things we can..
    Love your Zest of Life … 🙂

  7. The more of us who get the message out about doing what we can to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, will help buy time for all concerned. With it becoming the next fatal disease to ravage Americans, after heart attacks and cancer, more and more research is being done towards discovering a cure. Until then we can help ourselves, if not as beneficiaries of a cure, at least in sustaining our quality of life…longer. If we live through our 80s or even 90s, our brains could better serve to keep us cognizant longer…if we step up to the self-help plate now.

    hugs for sharing…sound advice. 😉


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