Weekly photo challenge: Mountains

2003 Dingle Pennisula view of the mountains from the beach

In 2003 we took our family to Ireland. It was our first overseas trip. The first week we traveled around southern Ireland. The second week we stayed in the blue cottage you can see lit up in this photo. Ireland is a beautiful green island with stunning geological features. The mountains were a surprise for me. But then, I never was very good at geography.

2003 Conner Pass, Ireland

A trip to Ireland is not complete without a drive across Conner Pass that weaves through the mountains on narrow roads cut into the mountainside across the Dingle Pennisula.

2005 The Half Dome at Yosemite Park, California

Yosemite is one of, if not the most, stunning place I have ever seen. It’s huge intimidating mountainous rocks break the crust of the earth and jut to the sky. In manyΒ  places, water falls from the tops and landings along the middle of these formations creating a glorious site.

2006 Somewhere out west, enroute to LA

I drove with my second oldest son Matthew out to Los Angeles when he was still in college and working as a co-op student for K-Swiss shoes. We passed through amazing countryside on our way.

2010 The mountains of Montana

When I think of vacation spots, Montana does not usually come to mind, and if not for the wedding of a close friend’s daughter, it’s quite likely this state wouldn’t make the list of places I’ve been. But I am so glad I went. It’s hard to imagine here in the populated mid-west just how open and majestic this country of ours is. You see that in Montana.

12 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Mountains”

  1. I love the mountains — and they look so different depending on where you are — it made me think of all the ranges I’ve seen (I’ve never been to Ireland so those are new to me, nice!).

  2. Love the photo of Half Dome. I’ve traveled across country twice (and also been to Montana for a wedding). Love the mountains on both coasts ~ from the Rockies to the Blue Ridge.

    Thanks, Christine.

  3. Great pictures, Christine. My niece went to Ireland with her son’s choral group last year and posted pictures…it was so beautiful. I kept thinking of Irish Spring soap! lol You have seen some wonderful places. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing Views… Creation is a wonderful Gift… nature gives us such treaures before our very eyes…. thank you for letting us drink in the beauty of your photos here… Be well my friend.. and thank you for all your comments xox

  5. These breathtaking photos reminded me of the “mountain” your family faces every day. The ongoing love and care you all exhibit with one another…is as majestic in its beauty…as that which is seen in these mountains.

    sending lots of hugs…hugmamma. πŸ˜‰


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