Self-Publishing — I’m not alone

I haven’t been able to give you an update on my self-publishing progress in a while, and I still can’t today. I am in a holding pattern while I wait for design work to be completed. I hope to be able to share my cover design with you soon.

Instead of writing about my progress, or lack of, I decided to write about the progress of one of my blogging buddies. JoDee Luna writes a blog at  She is an educator, a writer, and artist, and an extremely creative individual. She calls herself a creative eclectic and has written a book entitled Refrain from the Identical that she is in the process of self-publishing.

Below I share with you an abbreviated version of her journey towards self-publishing, with links to the longer posts if you would like to read more. The story I’ve included begins about a year and a half ago, although JoDee’s journey started well before that. JoDee shares not only the steps she’s taking towards self-publishing, but also the emotional ups and downs throughout the process. I think you’ll enjoy her story.

“Oh to be Queen” is a mixed media collage that reflects my desire and determination to pursue a creative life." JoDee Luna 08-03-2011 —

Special Delivery

(February 21, 2010) — ” . . . I anticipated the package to contain vital information about my editor’s decision to agent my first book. The package finally arrived yesterday but not as I had expected. Instead of waiting by the door, it was crammed into our tiny mailbox slot. As I tried to pull it out along with the other mail, I could see the large envelop was torn open and the manuscript had partially fallen out. [. . .] The editor had decided to “wait a little bit” unsure that a large enough market for my book existed. She suggested that I self-publish in order to maintain control of the rights and encouraged me that people would buy my book.”

In the Valley of Publishing Decision . . .

(June 30, 2010) — “I’m in the Valley of Publishing Decision and this barren wasteland stretches out as far as my eyes can see. Back in March, I bought a self-publishing package from Createspace,’s new self-publishing company. I’ve gone back and forth struggling between whether to draft a nonfiction book proposal and try to pitch my first book to traditional publishers or to self-publish.”

I’m braver in the morning.

(July 13th, 2011) — “I’m braver in the morning. What curls my toes come nightfall, wiggles them when the sun peeks over the horizon. Most new projects overwhelm me before my head hits the pillow; but in the morning, I dare to dream big. [. . .]One morning this week, I took a giant step and pushed right through a big puddle of fear; I uploaded my first manuscript file to Createspace. Now there’s no going back. I’ll spend the rest of the summer working with the interior design team.”

Create and Live Imperfectly…thoughts on Self-publishing, Marriage, and Life

(August 5, 2011) — “I’ve completed all of the questionnaires for the Createspace design teams: interior design, cover design, and media press release. I never dreamed there would be so many pieces to the puzzle.”


(August 16, 2011) — “Six years of intense mid-flight writing has exhausted me. My first book’s debut is soon; Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics will enter the world with a spine and white pages.”

Book Progress Update

(August 21, 2011)— “The publishing of Refrain from the Identical progresses at a steady pace. The efficiency of the createspace design teams amazes me. I approved the reformatted interior design mock-up and the full interior proof of the book has just arrived. The next step is to print the pages and reread for formatting and convention errors.”

I wish JoDee the best of luck with her project. I will be watching and learning.

I hope to have a book printed to proof sometime within the next month. You’ll be the first to know. You’ll probably hear my “Halleluia” from your little corner of the world, however distant it may be.

3 thoughts on “Self-Publishing — I’m not alone”

  1. Hi Christine .. so much – well done on getting this far – does sound exciting though. Good luck with the last hurdle .. nearly there .. cheers Hilary


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