Animal Control bags rattle snake at a Hilton Head resort — the movie.

I wondered if the guy from Animal Control would look like Crocodile Dundee. He did sort of, but not so much. Maybe a little older and tamer version.

You probably thought I would be taking videos of sea gulls and pelicans and little sandpipers scurrying across the sand. And I was trying to yesterday, but the wind was so fierce, small particles of sand were pelting my skin and I started worrying about my camera. According to Mark, Hurricane Katia was creating winds and waves along the eastern shoreline.

When I grew weary of being pummeled by the wind and needled by the sand, we moved to the pool. And that’s where the real excitement was taking place.

A crowd of people were gathered around the shrubbery beside the sidewalk leading to the beach. Not being able to resist, I took my camera and wandered over. Although I couldn’t see it until later, I was told a large rattle snake was in the bushes. Wild horses couldn’t have pulled me away. I’d never seen a rattler before.

My video shows what happened after Crocodile Dundee the elder showed up. He’s wearing green. The guys in blue work for the resort. It’s all in a day’s work.

If you listen carefully, once the snake is on the ground,  you can hear the rattle of the tail above the sound of the wind.

At first I worried they killed the snake during the extraction, but found out later that they just choked him enough to get him in a bag. I saw the bag wiggling as Crocodile Dundee the elder left with it firmly tied and grasped in his gloved hand. Just like in the movies.

The snake’s ultimate fate remains unknown, but it was likely returned to the wild at a distant location. You can read more about Animal Control and snakes at Hilton Head here.

To make YouTube videos load faster, pause the video to allow it to completely load before playing, fast forward the video to a certain point, or download the video from YouTube to a computer.” Watch video by Gabriel Bahiru.

31 thoughts on “Animal Control bags rattle snake at a Hilton Head resort — the movie.”

  1. Good Golly, Miss Molly!!! Live action at the resort!!! Gee whiz!!! I think I might have freaked but the video footage was good–thanks for sharing!!! Crocodile Dundee–1, Rattler—0

    1. I’m more interested in snakes than freaked by them. It’s spiders that get to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d give this particular reptile due respect.

  2. Wow! The idea of walking to the beach, barefoot, with that bad boy lurking in the bushes sends shivers up and down my spine.

    I do hope they relocated him to someplace more suited for poisonous snakes.

    Great video, Christine.

  3. Sorry folks…the only good snake is a dead snake, especially the posionous kind. We had to relocate a 4′ moccasin this past weekend…he was actually recycled.

    1. Thanks Nancy. I did check out the blog. You all may start seeing videos here regularly, if I can find something video worthy. It’s not every day that you run into a rattle snake.

  4. This was very interesting and just the kind of post I wrote about in my blog about increasing traffic to your site. I wrote from the vantage point of YouTube videos bringing traffic to your blog and web site but this is a great post using video.:)

  5. If you could, would you please tell me how you posted your video on your blog post? I’m not literate in that and would greatly appreciate it.

    1. On YouTube, you have the option to share the video. You can click the “embed” tab and copy the HTML code written there. Then you have to go to your post, click on the HTML tab and paste it at the bottom, or wherever you want it to appear.

      I’m going to be blogging about using the HTML on WordPress (and Blogger) soon.

  6. Wow! And…just wow! That’s pretty amazing. I had no idea they had rattlesnakes in that area, but I was young and uninterested in learning about the area when I lived in SC. He’s a beautiful creature, that’s for sure, although I wouldn’t want to get too close.

    Great video, Christine. Action packed. 🙂

    1. I wasn’t expecting it either. He was beautiful and fascinating to watch. I hope everything worked out okay for it. I also hope if he had any buddies here they stay much better hidden.

  7. Wow…that was a huge snake!!! And, if one shows up here, I’m calling the man in blue, not the animal control guy… I had no idea there were rattlesnakes in North Carolina…I hope the snake is okay and that they moved it to a spot far away from humans.

    I’ve been using lots of youtube videos etc in my blog…just because I like them. The only problem is that I seem to need to decrease the number of posts that are viewable from my home page to keep that home page loading speed fast enough….But I notice that if I just put a link to the youtube video, people don’t seem to go there. But if the embedded youtube is there…they more often view it.
    I also created a youtube “channel”…funny idea…. including some things I’ve created and one of the video/booklets got unexpectedly linked, on Saturday night, by an author with a well known newsletter. As a result, the video/booklets have gotten a huge number of views…I guess people are youtube/video oriented. I was kind of amazed…well, I was stunned. seems to be engaging and interesting to others.

    1. You must have a more complicated home page. I can only have on video on mine. Unless I put mulitples in a post. Something I’ve actually considered. I embedded the video too.

      I don’t know much of anything about YouTube and feel like a chimpanzee who just happened to push a couple of buttons in the right order. I’m not even sure what a YouTube channel is. May have to look into it. Thanks for mentioning it.

  8. We’re planning to be in Hilton Head next month. Please feel free to stay as long as necessary to eradicate the venomous snake population before I get there. 🙂


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