Self-Publishing Update—Createspace approves the files

“Now is not the time to be scared,” my daughter Anna said as she uploaded my cover and interior files to Createspace. “The time to be scared is when we release the proofed copy for publication on Amazon.”

Tell that to my jittery insides.

48 hours, Createspace told us. In 48 hours they would let us know if our files were printable. But an e-mail was waiting for me this morning: “The interior and cover files for Dancing in Heaven, #3609410 have been reviewed and are printable in their current state.” Oh my gosh.

That was quick.

They did bring a couple of photo resolution concerns to our attention. They warned that the transparencies we used in the interior and on the cover would be “flattened” in the printing process and might change color. They also said some of our cover photos were only 193 dpi and they recommended using at least 300 dpi. I will leave the decision whether or not to change the files in the hands of my designer daughter. We expect we’ll have to go through a second round of editing and proofing anyway.

It’s been over a month since I gave you a comprehensive update on the entire project. Here’s the latest.


I’m pretty much done with the writing portion of this project.


I assigned the ISBN number to the book from my supply of 10 numbers I had previously purchased from Bowkers. Although the ISBNs I purchased were 13-digits long, Bowkers also gave me a 10-digit version for the book. I don’t know why. Do you?

Anna left a white space on the back cover for the barcode that Createspace will generate for us.

Anna and I went over the text page by page looking for “orphans” and “widows” and hypenated proper nouns. This is something I wouldn’t have known to do without her.

We’re starting to look more closely at Smashwords and exactly what will be required to publish an e-book. I think we need to transfer the current pdf file back into a word file to use on Smashwords. And the photos need to be inserted differently. Anna has been a tremendous help on all of this so far.

Business Manager

I’ve obtained my business vendor’s license which will allow me to hand sell books in Ohio. I don’t know that I will be doing a lot of this, but I may need it every now and then.

I still need to start my financial file on Quick Books. I am keeping a hand-written record of my expenses so far.

Marketing Director

I still need a plan. I really haven’t progressed from where I was about a month ago. When I reported that I had “a vague notion of announcing the availability of Dancing in Heaven on my blog and social media sites, sending out a few free copies, and creating bookmarks.”

I still need a website. Although I have drafted some ideas on Photoshop. Anna is interested in helping me. I think she thinks I need it. And I do.

I know I will need book reviews. No progress here. I’m waiting until I have some books in hand that I can send out to reviewers.

As always, I am open to any helpful suggestions you may have.

A Big Thank You to everyone who weighed in on my “What do you think of my cover options?” question. I have put a lot of thought and deliberation into this cover because I know it is important. I took all the wonderful input you gave me into consideration. Ultimately I went with my gut. Anna added an adult photo of Annie to the lower right corner in place of the wheelchair and moved the wheelchair to the back cover where it looks quite nice, I think.  (If you click on it, you can see a larger image where you will be able to read the text. There is a typo on this file in the second paragraph of the summary “bumore” should read “but more.” Anna has corrected this on the file she sent to Createspace. Darn, I just noticed another typo: too much space between “family’ s” apostrophe and “s”. Will this ever end?)

12 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Update—Createspace approves the files”

  1. I absolutely LOVE how you decided to handle the cover — it looks great! You are moving right along, so exciting! It’s wonderful that you and your daughter get to work together on this, too. How wonderful!

  2. Thanks everybody for all your support. We’re a little worried about how the cover will “flatten” and look printed since Anna used transparencies. We may have to do a couple of go-arounds.

  3. You’re blest with a wonderful family…from your sister…to your parents…to your children and, of course, hubby. God is watching over all…it’s obvious. 😉


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