Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

In an old section of downtown Cincinnati called Over the Rhine, narrow and tall old brick buildings loom side-by-side with no space in-between. Someone new moves in, buys the building next door and, with a bit of renovation, what was once an outside wall gets a fresh coat of paint applied and becomes an interior one.

Such is the case for this wall inside the Art Academy of Cincinnati where texture abounds in the concrete floors, open metal staircases, windows to the sky, and walls that are hung with fine artworks constantly in creation there.

More on the Art Academy of Cincinnati next week.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture”

  1. Oh, this is a cool idea to do for texture. The brick is seriously captivating, I know weird huh? To be entralled with a brick foto but its different and funky. It also reminds me of a quote my mom got from a greeting card. Next time you think about communicating wuith a man bang your wall here. I haven’t thought ofg that quote in years but you took me down memory lane. Thank you.


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