What people are saying about Dancing in Heaven — a sister’s memoir

Dancing in Heaven — a sister's memoir“This is very courageous, brave writing. Annie’s story has enriched my life.” Carolyn Walker, published memoirist, and Pushcart Prize nominee.

Christine Grote’s extraordinary memoir, Dancing in Heaven, breaks new ground in the realm of creative non-fiction. It especially stands alone as the most significant, recent personal narrative to examine home caregiving to a physically disabled loved one. In this story about her sister Annie, which gracefully blends time and place, Dancing in Heaven captures the inescapable pain, unpredictable joy, and resilient decision-making that preoccupied her family for over 50 years as they lived with and attended to Annie’s needs – the speechless brave Annie who, not ironically, gave life to her family and countless friends. Although Annie didn’t survive, the miracle of Ms. Grote’s memoir resurrects the unforgettable life she left behind. A story crafted in the greatest love, you cannot possibly get at the stark truth of caregiving any more than this book does.” Jeffrey Hillard, editor & publisher, www.redwebzine.org

“Annie and her family made a significant impression on me and ultimately, on my career choice. Annie’s memory is honored with this intimate, personal tribute.” Jim McCormick, Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services.

Dancing in Heaven captures “the combination of constant desperate waiting, dread, confusion and exhaustion you experience when someone you love is dying.  The small kindnesses that seem like miracles.  The utter relief of hospice. . .  Annie was pure love.  In her utter helplessness, she was still able to radiate love.  And her whole family responded to that in a heroic way.”
Nancy Henry Chadwick, writer

“Christine’s love for her sister will never expire.  Her memoir is a lovely tribute to the life of this dear family member. . .” Dogear6, blogger Read complete review.


27 thoughts on “What people are saying about Dancing in Heaven — a sister’s memoir”

    1. It is exciting. And I have worked hard. But now comes the hardest part. I may just let Dancing in Heaven fly, (or land) on its own and get on with my next project.

  1. Very cool. I bought mine at Smashwords…a great and easy way for me to buy.:)

    I am so proud of you. for all you have done and will do.

    Virtual hugs …applause!!!

  2. Hi Christine .. that’s just brilliant to have so much acceptance and understanding of Annie’s life so soon after you published … I am sure so many will benefit from this .. not just those with severely disabled family members, but stroked patients, people needing constant care for one reason or another .. and I truly love your words “But more importantly, Dancing in Heaven is a testimony to the basic intrinsic value of human life.” – those should be in lights everywhere .. reminding us all that there is always value …. essential qualities for them, but value for us as we learn ….

    But more importantly, Dancing in Heaven is a testimony to the basic intrinsic value of human life.” So true – many thanks – Hilary

    1. Well, truthfully, Hilary, these are comments from my early readers or editors. I am hoping to get more reviews as time goes on. I think that is what I need most right now.

      You’re right about the book possibly being of benefit to a wide range of people. A lot of it is universal in nature.


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