The Colors and Sounds of Autumn

I look out my kitchen windows and see yellow and brown in the woods that were green.

    Yellow colors the green woods

If you look closely, you can see a chair at the bottom of the hill, on a small overlook above the creek. That’s where I head with my camera, book, bottle of water, and little white dog.

Red berries in the fall

To avoid the steep hill in the yard, we take the long way, around the front of the house and down the side yard past the woods where I see red berries growing, always a reminder of fall.

Little white wild flowers

I also see little white flowers growing along the edge, as well as little purple ones whose photo went the way that many photos of the amateur do. Not sure where. Perhaps accidentally in the trash. Or permanently deleted. It’s a mystery.

Our feet crunch through the fallen large brown sycamore leaves that cover the ground at the base of the hill.

Our crunching noise is accompanied by the rustling sound the squirrels make in the fallen leaves as they search for food. At first I am startled by the noise of the squirrels, it is much louder than you might imagine for a small agile animal.

Through the leaves of a low branch, I can see the old bench we replaced with our chairs. It sits abandoned in an alcove of the woods.

I look up through the nearly bare tree limbs to the bright blue autumn sky above.

I look down the dry creek bed now covered with the fallen sycamore leaves. Down here by the creek the birds keep a chorus going. I don’t recognize the songs. It is something I hope to learn.

A small puddle of water reflects a silver light from the sun.

I sit and open my book while Arthur explores the area, like the squirrels, making much more noise in the fallen leaves than you might imagine for a small agile animal.


31 thoughts on “The Colors and Sounds of Autumn”

    1. I love other parts of the country and the world, but I have to admit, there is no place like the midwest in the fall. I hope we get good reds in our woods this year.

  1. You have a wonderful place to get lost in a book, or thoughts. Thanks for sharing your autumn beauty with us. The leaves in the first photo remind me of a red carpet treatment.

  2. Hi Christine love the tour through your Fall woods to your special creek – Arthur looks pretty smart too .. the last one I knew was a Standard Black Poodle – a love he was .. named after a gardener from Cornwall! Cheers Hilary

    1. Poodles are supposed to be pretty smart. The first time I saw a standard poodle I was stunned by how big it was. Do you like the Golden Doodles?

      Thanks for stopping by Hilary. I’ve been behind with our trip to St. Louis to see our grandson. I will try to catch up with you soon. Cheers to you too.

  3. You are certainly right about the noisy squirrels —
    We have bears here, and I’m always thinking these loud rustling noises are the bears coming along — and they turn out to be these small, but heavy footed, squirrels!

    1. Thanks, JoDee. I have to admit, Arthur is a little cutie. Very hard to deny him anything when he looks at you with his big black eyes in hopeful anticipation.

  4. So beautiful Christine, thank you for sharing, your gift which is shown in your ability to capture God’s Creation in all it’s awesome splendour which is wonderful and leaves me in total awe of Him.

    Christian Love Anne.

  5. Your place looks remarkably similar to ours. We aren’t able to enjoy it much in the summer due to the bugs. But in fall and spring, it is very lovely. Glad that you are able to enjoy it. Our little guy is a miniature schnauzer who also makes a lot of noise in the leaves. Your Arthur is a sweetie.

    1. We weren’t able to enjoy it very much in the summer due to the HEAT. I don’t even know if there were bugs. It’s funny seeing the little dogs in the leaves.


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