Seven years old again


In case you missed it, here’s a comment my sister Carol left for me on my “Now Marketing” post where I was bemoaning the task at hand.

“Well sis ~ I “feel” you. Resistance to Marketing can really be a “downfall” (you know I’ve got more experience than you in this area) ~ it takes a lot of conviction and commitment to what you believe in ~ to stick your neck out that far ~ but, I believe you have that level of commitment. And I believe in YOU ~ because when you decide to do something ~
YOU DO IT. You’ve come this far ~ don’t stop now ~ Case Closed.” Carol Sue Flowers

A few words from my one-year-older sister and I’m seven years old again. “You can jump,” she’d say. “Jump now.”

I’m back in high school. “You aren’t going to wear those pants, are you?”

Some things are indelibly etched in our minds and on our hearts. Some things remain the same.

And I know Carol does “feel” me. She was a cheerleader right along with me selling those tags. She probably hated it worse than me.

I’ll have to admit, though, Carol stuck with me through all the ups and downs with my memoir. I called her, still upset and even crying over the sibling release form fiasco. “I’ve needed to talk you,” my seven-year-old self whimpered.

“You are a writer,” she said. “You have a right to do it.”

Growing up we always were two little souls— cohorts for all our childhood dreams and schemes.

She is the only person who can make me laugh like the child I was.

It’s not all bad to be seven years old again.

Carol (left) and me (photo from Dancing in Heaven)

30 thoughts on “Seven years old again”

  1. As an only child and early removed from the extended family I never got to be seven. I had to be about fifty from the time I was seven. Now at 62, well let me see. 55 x 50 makes me….No wonder I have chronic fatigue !

  2. Hi Christine .. wonderful to have Carol on your side – must have made the world of difference ..

    Great to read .. and keep going absolutely – just enjoy everything – you’ll have done many people a great blessing in writing your book .. cheers Hilary

    1. Well, we had our ups and downs, to be sure. It’s tough having an attractive, vivacious older sister sometimes. Can make you feel like a dull wallflower. And we haven’t always agreed on everything throughout the years.

      But I sure wouldn’t trade her.

  3. Sisters are what keep us going sometimes. Jump high, Christine! You have done so much already!!! Just passed your book to my mom–anxious to hear her comments. I am sure she wll love it as much as I did!!

  4. Lovely story Christine.. I guess I was the Bossy one lol as I was the eldest of 1 brother and 3 other sisters.. Needless to say my Brother didnt have a leg to stand on with 4 girls yaking at him..
    Love the photo of you and your sister.. 🙂

    1. We had the same in my family, four sisters and one brother. I won’t say that my oldest sister was bossy (she’s the one who didn’t like what I said about her in my memoir, so I’m trying hard not to say anything about her). But you’re right about one boy against 3 or 4 girls. It’s a miracle our respective brothers survived.

      1. 🙂 Smiling at that… yes my brother often reminds me of how we would tease him.. lol.. as for families Christine, yes sometimes things are best left unsaid… I have two of my sisters that do not speak to me and havent done for the past decade or more.. But I have a great sister and Brother who still keep close contact..

  5. Awesome photo, Christine! I love that your collars are messed up in the same way on the same side. 😀

    How nice to have a sister so close to you in age.

  6. I loved this post about your sis. I’m the older of two sisters but mine speaks to me the way yours does to you. In fact, her latest email was simply perfect. I send her words to you as an encouragement:

    Dear Author-Sister,
    I love the book – it’ the most beautiful book I’ve ever seen. I mean it. I can’t believe it’s here – like a baby just born.


  7. That’s what sisters do best. We comfort and console each other, and deliver a good kick in the pants when needed. My sister and I are only two years apart in age and we still do that for each other.

    I’m glad Carol listens to you and tells you what you need to hear (not what you wanted to hear). And that you know enough to pay attention to it.


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