Sometimes I want to squawk

What to write about today? I visited my parents yesterday and stayed while my mom went out to lunch for maybe the third time in about two years. I felt good that she got to go out. But mostly I felt bad on the way home after my sister stopped by and Thanksgiving plans came up. Holidays have always been hard trying to divide ourselves between two families. Now they’ve gotten harder. I don’t want to post about Alzheimer’s today.

I went to a writing group at a local coffee shop yesterday for the second time. It seems to be an energizing group who have come to know each other fairly well. Being the outsider always has its problems. I don’t want to write about writing groups today.

When I let Arthur outside this morning I heard a now familiar squawk at regular intervals. Is that a bird? I wonder. Somedays I feel like standing and emitting a gut-wrenching squawk myself. So many expectations from inside and out. Some days I want to turn off the noise and directions and foget it all:

Painting on rug by Matthew A. Grote (2011)

Eat more fruit.
Eat more vegetables.
Eat more whole grains.
Eat less.

Do strength exercises.
Do yoga.
Take the dog for a daily walk.
Elevate and ice your knee.

Exercise your mind.
Don’t think at all—meditate.

Write every day.

Be kind, rewind.

Wash your hands.

Brush the dog’s hair.
Brush the dog’s teeth.
Whiten your teeth.

Take time to listen.
Take time to dream.
Be productive.

Stay in touch with those you love.
Have meaningful conversation with your spouse.
Be alone.

Blog regularly.
Comment on others’ blogs.
Tweet three or four times a day.
Keep writing.

Remember the reusable grocery bags!

Help others.
Make time for yourself.

Fight for what you believe in.
Make peace not war.


24 thoughts on “Sometimes I want to squawk”

  1. I think you might want to go out in the middle of a field somewhere and squawk away! Scream if you feel like it! At the top of your lungs! I’ll do it too. 😉

  2. When I was in college we always had a campus primal scream at exam time, that started at one point on campus and then moved in a giant screaming wave across the campus. Maybe we need a giant AWWWKKK! across the blogosphere.

  3. I know. You finally get to retire(a few heart attacks can be a blessing) and you gotta do all this stuff. It’s like “I still gotta job” And then there is always unexpected stuff and where in the world did this come from stuff and how was I discovered for this to fall on stuff and just stuff and stuff and stuff. Stuff is probably the most all encompassing word in the English language. It covers a lot of stuff.

    1. I don’t know about heart attacks and all that other stuff, but I think sometimes it’s good to have stuff to do, or you might be bored.

      Although, bored can be good.

  4. I used my reusable bags today AND I am drinking out of my new owl mug just to make myself feel better. The squawking in my world has diminished a bit….hope it does the same in yours!!! Hugs!

  5. This made me smile, Christine.

    When we are guided primarily by what we WANT to do for ourselves and others, there’s less desire to SQUAWK about it ~ we are doing it because it makes US feel GOOD! 😀

  6. I can feel your pain. I hate all the contradictory messages over and over again. And yeah, some days I feel like I can hardly be bothered to keep writing, taking pictures, staying in touch or anything else. It’s a big ol’ stompin’ I DON’T CARE I DON’T CARE I DON’T CARE.

    Of course, then I get a good night sleep and it’s not so bad. Chocolate’s not bad either.


  7. You have voiced my sentiments here to a tee. Well done and not often said enough, really. I have so little time for my writing and my art and to read as much as I would like as I work full time but I, too, would love to just shout it all out and just do it. Wonderful piece, Christine.


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