There will be no pumpkin-carving this year

There will be no pumpkin-carving this year,
Or costumes to make,
Faces to paint.

An infant in a pumpkin suit,
Two dinosaurs,
Three pirates sorting bounty
on a carpeted floor.
An Arabian princess,
Dracula, Frankenstein, ninja,
Batman or a Power Ranger.

Six hours away,
A toddler in a dragon suit today.

We need no jack-o-lanterns here,
The woods are near.

The wide spread of a swooping hawk’s wings,
The ryhthmic squawk at dusk,
The hoot of an owl,
Eyes piercing the dark,
Small critters scurrying to hide.
The stink of a skunk,
The screech of a fight in the night.

These woods hold much to fear,
We need no jack-o-lanterns here.

We’ll not go out this night.
Turn out the lights.
The ghosts of yesteryear
live here.

27 thoughts on “There will be no pumpkin-carving this year”

  1. *Sigh* I completely understand! But… we carved a pumpkin last night!! And used it for my blog post today! And we will give out candy — was going to turn out the lights BUT my college-daughter talked me into it (she also wrote my blog post today, LOL). HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Christine. Hopefully you’ll eat less of the Halloween candy than I have!

    1. The long private drive is the problem. No kid in their right mind would take the time to venture down the drive for only two houses. We’ve talked about sitting at the end of the drive. It’s supposed to rain, but if the blue skies hold, I may go buy candy, dig out my pointy black hat, fill the cauldron with candy and drag my lawn chair up the drive. We’ll see.

      You’d have to go a long way to beat me on the candy front.

  2. If you feel the urge, come sit on the steps with us here in the Gaslight where we treat between 250 and 300 tricksters. We are grateful to live in a safe and well-lit neighborhood, and those who don’t drive here and share their fantasy selves with us. Happy Halloween!

    1. That’s so nice of you, Jan. But I just bought some candy, and some sparkling green fingernails. I need to go dig up a hat, and I will be ready to go. We’ll see if anyone stops by our drive (as long as it doesn’t rain—then all bets are off).

  3. I know exactly what you mean! We used to live in a wooded area with a very long driveway. Now we live in an area where our neighbors are seasonal. Geesh, no jack o’lanterns here either 😦

  4. It’s pouring rain here tonight. Guess I can mark “water new tree” off my list for tomorrow. Hope you had a lovely evening.

    1. That’s the way I like to take care of my to-do list. It was a beautiful night here. We loaded Mark’s truck with chairs, a table, a candle, and a cauldron of candy. Then threw a bottle of wine and two glasses in as well, and enjoyed sitting out on the end of our drive for a while.


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