Tuesday’s two-minute movie – Chameleon Crazy

Well, this was actually going to be “Monday Movie—one day late.” I’m trying to really embrace this blogging culture. “Monday’s Movie,” “Tuesday’s Trauma,” “Wednesday’s. . .” well, I’ll get to Wednesday later. Anyway, I may not need one. I will probably have given up on this idea by then.

Then I remembered how my son informed me that my “Proof Copy” video was too long. So I wonder how long is too long? Is a two-minute movie okay? Aha. It’s Tuesday. I need a two-minute movie. Unfortunately I have a 7 minute and 41 seconds movie. Now is the perfect time to learn to edit my films.

You’ll see the cuts. Be patient with me; I’m still learning.

And the two minutes is more like two minutes and 46 seconds. I’m working on it.

Grote Ink productions not-so-proudly presents, Chameleon Crazy: or the hard way to remove invasive ivy from your garden.

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16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s two-minute movie – Chameleon Crazy”

  1. Christine! That is an awful lot of work girl! Oh my goodness. You DO need reinforcements. You must be a very patient woman.
    By the way I loved seeing a part of your garden, the trees and – yes – also the clouds. You did a nice job on the video.

  2. Wow, that is HARD WORK. Is there any way to use Roundup? A neighbor paints leaves of plants with it to keep it from drifting to other plants. Nice video, though, except…. am I so dense that I don’t understand the name, Chameleon Crazy. Please be kind, I’m having a befuddled day 🙂

    1. The roundup doesn’t work. We’ve tried it on the ivy that has choked out the grass at the base of the garden. The leaves go away and then come right back. You have to kill or take out the runners. Even a runner as small as 1/4 inch or less will sprout new leaves. It’s a nightmare. That’s why I’m CRAZY from the Chameleon.

  3. So I wonder how long is too long?
    Is a two-minute movie okay?

    Answer: It depends on the subject matter of the video and its relevance to my life.

    * A 10 second video of someone removing lint from their navel would be TOO LONG and TMI.
    * A 10 minute movie on our amazing brain would only scratch the surface . . . leaving me wanting more.

  4. Your patience deserves applause Christine.. and I would want to throttle someone too. It makes me see how much work you have had to put into getting so much Ivy cleared… Loved the Video 🙂 Every Second!


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