Movie Monday — Painting Freestyle

Ha. I got it right this time – the movie’s on Monday. And I’m cutting you a break. This is not one of my movies, but someone else’s. Actually there are two, too-good to miss, quick videos of painting freestyle by two of my talented sons. Think upscale, fast-forward, magic-drawing-board from Captain Kangaroo with pizzazz. They’re having some fun up in Buffalo, NY.

painting freestyle – 11.06.2011 (artist OGRE) from CGT on Vimeo.

painting freestyle – 11.06.2011 (guest artist Mark Grote) from CGT on Vimeo.

You don’t want to miss

your chance to win a copy of Dancing in Heaven at Cynthia Robertson’s blog where she posted a beautifully written review.

11 thoughts on “Movie Monday — Painting Freestyle”

  1. Wow…. And Double WOW!… Very talented Sons you have Christine…. I have often stopped and watched the street artists at work abroad when on holiday with spray-can in hand and have bought a few to hang as they were so good….. I think I will stick to the paint-brush Lol and Pastels.. as I had a go once spraying some branches Gold for Christmas Decorations.. I got the spray paint all over the Green house… Hubby was NOT amused LOL.. 🙂
    xxxx Sue xxx


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