Weekly photo challenge: Wonder

This challenge was very challenging for me. I have seen so many things in my 54 years that have filled me with wonder.

I thought about posting one of the awesome natural features I’ve seen at the parks in this country, or across the ocean.

Grand Canyon Coast of Hawaii

I thought about posting one of the incredible man or woman-made creations on display here or there.

I thought about the wonder of something incomprehensibly large like the universe, or amazingly tiny yet complex like an insect or a newborn fawn.

But when I remember the moment in my life when I was filled with the most wonder, it was the moment I held in my arms my first child.

16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Wonder”

  1. The world is full of wonders, but your last picture is truly perfect. Tears welling in my eyes again. Will you please stop making me cry.

  2. Gorgeous. They’re all awesome. They take me down memory lane: I’ve seen Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon, and incredible scenes in Hawaii where I lived for a year with my first husband and children (1975). The world is filled with incredible beauty.

    And this is also to tell you (in response to your comment just now on my post) that Jen is absolutely enjoying her new Kindle Fire — and I still want to possess it πŸ™‚ But I’ll force myself to wait until they come way down in price. I don’t NEED it. I just WANT it.

    And I will definitely post a review when I finish your book. Go over and read Anne R. Allen’s post that she put up today. http://annerallen.blogspot.com/ It’s about reviews and reviewing, and it is absolutely awesome. Word about it needs to get out on Twitter especially. I’m not very adept yet at Twitter.

    1. Thanks, Ann,
      I just wondered if the Kindle Fire is a lot heavier than the regular Kindle. I know my iPad is. I like the lightweight of the Kindle for reading.

      I’ll look forward to your review. Thank you in advance.

      I’m going to check out Anne’s post about reviews. I can use all the help I can get.

  3. Loved the photo of you and your first born….

    Hope you have a wonderful Week Christine.. just catching up on some of your post which come through in the weekly digest of posts…
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend with your daughters visit..
    Blessings sent your way ~Dreamwalker

    1. Thank you. I’ve started doing the same, not trying to keep up every day, but setting aside time several times a week to catch up. At first it seemed like a chore, but now I don’t want to miss out if something significant is happening to the bloggers I care about.


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