Why do you read blogs?

I’m just doing a short, little, unscientific survey here today. I hope to hear from all of you who are my loyal readers. Answers from new followers or first-time visitors would also be lovely. I would like to know:

Why do you read blogs in general? When did you start?

Why do you read my blog in particular?

What posts of mine do you like the best?

This is just the first part of this survey. In the second part I want to hear from all you who not only read blogs, but also write them. More on this later.

Have a great day. It’s raining here (yet again.) The house is quiet and empty because the kids have all gone back to their respective homes. I’m getting a shot in my knee this morning, and going to visit my parents afterwards. Arthur plans to sleep as much as possible to catch up from the weekend. Should be a fine day.

34 thoughts on “Why do you read blogs?”

  1. I read blogs for a couple of reasons. Sometimes the title or image catches my eye and I cannot resist. More often now, though, I read blogs because I have established a relationship with the writer, and feel like I am learning more with each word they write.

    I didn’t start reading until several months into my own blogging adventure, when I realized there had to be more to blogging than a lonely visit to a computer screen. I was right.

    I think I started reading your blog because you had written a post about Alzheimer’s and I was beginning my own journey toward understanding more. I continue to read because you write beautiful, poignant pieces from the heart and have shared a personal story in a way that teaches everyone a little about courage. I also love your perspective on nature and the world.

    I can’t really pick out which posts of yours I love the most. Some days, with every blogger, posts speak to me. Some days they don’t. I think it depends more on my mood or needs than on the writer. Just like books. Sometimes I want to read and re-read, and sometimes I don’t.

    1. I think it was a learning process for me too. I started following others because I wanted to see who was commenting on my blog. You were one of the first. Thanks for showing me the way.

      Thank you for taking the time to post such a thoughtful response.

  2. It’s raining in Lima also and very gloomy, Christine!! Ugh. I read blogs to connect with people in the outside world who are witty, insightful, entertaining and educated! I really started reading blogs regularly once I started my own blog in 2008 (wow–that is a long time ago!) and found a warm and welcoming community of friends! I read your blog specifically because I believe we share many of the same values and ideas on things and I am very impressed with your writing abilities. You are a very well rounded writer and my admiration for you and for being “published” goes beyond words! The posts of yours that I like the best recently have been the ones that talk about your dad and mom and their struggles. Somehow reading about them helps me to know that everyone has trials and struggles and in the midst of them you can still find love and positive things. You are able to project that in your posts and for that I am grateful, friend!

    1. It’s 6:00pm and still raining here. I’m not sure why I started following so many blogs, but I keep going because of the community of friends.

      Wow, 2008. I have a ways to go.

      Thanks for reading my stories. It means a lot to me to be heard when I cry out.

      And thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Hi Christine .. I started reading and commenting on blogs, so that my fellow compatriots (group) would do the same .. and then I branched out – having had one more – professional blogger, who understood the business in the group, I watched that she went out and about .. so I followed – signed up to those that interested me … and followed ‘the trend’ … (starting nearly 3 years ago)

    So I follow some blogs for information … and do no more

    My friends’ blogs – I enjoy and participate. Yours I joined about six months ago .. because I’d seen you over at others’ sites, perhaps seen reviews of your book (about your sister) … and I wanted to know more. Sometimes you provided help suggestions re fonts etc ..

    If you’d done the A – Z challenge – then I might have met you there .. but I don’t think you did it this year …

    Now – I blog and interact to learn … I have educated myself so much in the last three years – more than I’ve done in the last x number!!

    Cheers Hilary

    1. It’s good to have somebody who know the ropes to follow behind. I’ve learned from all of you. I don’t even know what the A to Z challenge is, that’s how little I know.

      I’m with you on the learning. It’s been incredible (and exhausting at times).

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Hilary.


  4. My reasons for reading specific blogs vary from blog to blog. On some, it’s the quality of the writing. On others, the subject matter aligns with my interests. On still others, it’s the personality of the blogger that keeps me coming back for more:


    I gravitate to blogs that make visitors feel welcome:


    I avoid blogs that lack “connection” and warmth:


  5. There are some bloggers I follow because I feel that whatever they write will amuse, inspire, or teach me something. I always read everything they post, and I am rarely disappointed. I read other bloggers because the title of the post sounds like something that speaks to me. So I don’t read everything they write. I follow way too many bloggers to be able to read everything. As it is, I feel like I spend far too much time in Blogworld. Sometimes, I feel like I need an intervention.

    1. It’s easy to get sucked in, isn’t it? Right when I think I need to cut back on blogs I follow, I find one I really like and subscribe to yet another. Yikes.

      The community-building is something I hadn’t counted on, though. It’s nice.

  6. I read for a lot of reasons, as well–sometimes for content, sometimes for the quality of writing, sometimes for the humor. I’ve only just begun reading you, when you did a guest post for Mark–I think only last week, so I haven’t read that much yet. However, what attracted me to you immediately was the quality of your writing. You use words well. You express yourself beautifully and concisely. Hope this helps—————

    1. I know. I remember you, and your turkey and Haiti. Which is not bad for me, because my memory is getting shorter every day. Oh, and also the little white dog-boa.

      Thank you for the kind words.

      And yes, it all helps. I’ve been debating making a change to my blogging habits, and thought it might be a good time to see just why people are reading what I write now.

  7. I read blogs because they are the modern day equivalent of the times when I was younger and would spend hours on the day talking to friends. Now, rather than talking directly to them, I read my friends words online and can instantly know what is new in their lives. You fall into this same category. Rather than calling Christine up on the phone to find out what is new in her neck of the woods, I pull up her blog. And I like ALL your posts.

  8. Why do you read blogs in general? The bloggers I follow are like new age penfriends. I love reading about their ups and down, their life challenges and how they overcome them. Blogs with photographs are great as they help to bring stories to life.

    When did you start? May 2010

    Why do you read my blog in particular? I enjoy your writing style and you are a social blogger.

    What posts of mine do you like the best? I like them all really.

    1. Thank you. I love reading your blog because of the cultural flavor you add to it. It’s incredible to correspond with people on a regular basis who live an ocean, or even just a few states, away. I LOVE that about blogging.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  9. When I joined Facebook, I saw that a couple of friends on there had blogs, then a close friend started one. That seemed like an interesting thing to do, so I started my own 2/2011. From there, I found others with similar interests, and that’s how I found your blog. I signed up to follow your journey wherever it takes you, through Alzheimer’s, learning the technological side of blogging, photography, on walks with Arthur…I wanted to get to know you, and I like the person I found here.

    1. Thanks, Patti. You’re so sweet. It is nice how you can find people of like minds here, relatively easily. My son encouraged me to start a blog years ago. It took me until last January to actually do it.

      Thanks for sticking with me.

  10. Sometimes I read a blog because the blogger’s made a mutual connection somewhere along the line and seems to have a good approach in how they take on a blog. Sometimes it’s a recommendation from a blogger I already follow. Generally speaking, I think I read blogs because I like the creative energy of other writers.

    1. Nice answer – the creative energy of other writers. I like the support from other writers. You said something that I keep bringing back to mind when I get discouraged: that self-publishing is a marathon, not a sprint. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I bring it up again, because you speak from experience, and with a kindness that makes me feel welcome.

      Thank you.

  11. This is pretty funny timing — since I blogged today about not being sure WHY I blog… WHAT I add to the blogging conversation or whether it’s something I should still be doing…. I guess once again we’re on the same wavelength, Christine!

    I started reading blogs when I started blogging — about 10 months ago. I read for a few reasons. First, it’s really well written; second, we often seem to be on the same wavelength (today, for example) and seem to like similar things (photography, nature, science, etc.), and we have similarly aged kids. Finally, I really like that you talk about family issues around Alzheimers — something I have absolutely no experience with but it gives me insight into the kind of warm-hearted, thoughtful and caring person you are — in short, someone I’d like to be friends with! All that said, I really can’t say I like one of your types of posts more than another — I guess that reminds me of another reason I like your blog: I never know what I’ll find when I come here. It’s awesome!

    1. I know. I think we are on parallel paths to some degree. And we are both married to engineers (although if truth be known, I am much more engineerish than my husband is). And I think I just made up a new word, too.

      I think we all doubt or second-guess ourselves, and the point of blogging and spending our valuable and limited time in this manner. Sometimes I think about dropping off the blogosphere, buying some yarn and rocking my life away. But then how would I ever know whether you ever finish you book or get it published? Not sure I could live with that mystery.

      And besides, blogging sure beats messages by homing pigeons.

  12. Most mornings, I’ll sit and read all my subscribers before I head off to school–when I can. Then after work, I peruse the titles and read the ones that sound interesting or comment on the photos that catch my eye. Sometimes I want information or to be entertained.

    1. I need to get my subscriptions organized again. I did have everybody on google reader, and then I think WordPress made some kind of a change, and I started getting some email subscriptions when I was trying to subscribe to comments. It’s all rather muddled right now. How do you keep your subscriptions organized?

  13. I was so moved by your guest post on Mark’s blog that I checked you out and nominated you for the Liebster Blog award.

  14. I read blogs to be entertained, educated, enlightened, or inspired. Each blog I read does one of those things (or several of those things). I was surprised to find how I’ve bonded with people I’ve never met. It’s been a delightful journey so far.

  15. There are a lot of different reasons why I read blogs. Inspiration, creativity, friendship, education, and even a little enlightenment here and there. There are probably more reasons, but those are the things that came to mind immediately.

    I started blogging before it was called blogging back in 1999 (under a pseudonym). I started blogging on these things called blogs, and under my own name, in 2006, beginning at Blogger and moving over to WordPress about a year or so later.

    I read your blog for all of the reasons listed in that first paragraph. I like your mix of posts, so it’s hard to pick out one category in particular.

    1. Thanks for responding, Robin. I read blogs for a lot of different reasons too. I’d like to be able to read more blogs, but time is a challenge, isn’t it?


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