Why do you write blogs?

Here’s the second part of my unscientific survey. I must say I was quite pleased with the thought put into yesterday’s answers. Sometimes we just do things, and get in the habit of doing them, without every examining why.Β  At least I do.

I started reading most of your blogs (of those of you who do blog) because I wanted to know who was commenting on mine. I may have found you through a recommendation from someone else. From time to time, I’ve thought about reducing the amount of time I spend reading. But like what so many of you have expressed, blogging has become a community for me. Since I work for myself, from home, I lead a fairly solitary life (at least while Mark is away at work). Reading your blogs has filled my life with people.

I also read some blog posts from people I don’t know, that I find on twitter, because I am interested in the content, or I want to learn about something.

Although my oldest son suggested I start blogging years ago, I just began in January. I had formed some kind of vague notion of starting an online magazine that showcased some of my writing and my photography. I even purchased the domain name “Random Thoughts from Midlife” over a year before I began to blog. Truthfully, the impetus that pushed me into the arena was the need for a platform. After I wrote Dancing in Heaven, I started reading about how to find an agent and get published. You know where that path led me. But one thing that was true, regardless, was the need for an online presence. So I started blogging. I don’t know that blogging will, in the end, be all that effective in influencing the success of my memoir. But I continue to blog for the same reason I continue to read your blogs. It fills my life with people.

Today I’d like to know:

When did you start writing blogs? Why?

Why do you continue?

42 thoughts on “Why do you write blogs?”

  1. My 100% honest (with myself) answer to this question is that I blog because, right now, I feel like I have nothing else in my life. 😦

    1. Well, actually, blogging and what it entails: the writing, creative ideas, and community are all very worthy ways to use your time.

      At one point you were contemplating self-publishing a book. How is that project coming?

  2. This one is easy! I started writing my blog in March 2008. We had a trip to Australia for a job interview and it was a great way to share with our family what we were doing day to day. Chris’s dad was not very healthy at the time and when the job offer came and we were dithering over whether to take it or not he was the number one supporter of going for it. He said “You can always keep me up to date on the computer” meaning the blog. It ended up becoming much more than that once I started writing. In the beginning it was mainly a platform to share pictures and adventures with family. Then I realized that there was a whole world of bloggers out there and once I started finding some other blogs that interested me mine kind of morphed a bit into my personality. I have always loved to write and someday I will put that in some kind of published form but for now the blog is a great way of sharing with my family and friends. It may not always be something profound or intellectual but hopefully I am touching someone! The best thing I have done on my blog is my Comments for a Cause where I donate to a charity each month based on the comments on my blog. I have met a lot of great people connected with these causes as a result!!!
    Thanks, Christine—would be interested in seeing the results of your questions!

  3. Again, wow, have you read my post from yesterday? Answers a lot of this (mostly with questions and definitely with humor) but I started blogging as a platform for my writing and a way to get writing everyday — I’ve achieved both those things. Why do I continue? EASY… meeting writers like you and because it gets me writing every day. I counted in my “blog drafts” folder that I have 99 blog post drafts that have never been published — half a novel worth of words! Now I need the OTHER half: finish my novel, as you know in draft 2 stage… great post idea, Christine!

    1. Thanks for reminding me that I also started blogging as a way to get in the habit of writing every day. Unfortunately, the pressure of writing every day has led me away from producing what I consider really good stuff (I usually spend a lot of rewriting time on the really good stuff.)

      If you can’t find a use for those 90 posts, you can send one my way as a guest. Now there’s an idea.

  4. I write blogs because I gor tired of talking to myself, LOL! It has become a much enjoyable hobby I didn’t expect…

  5. I love it that you are asking these questions, Christine. I started to blog as a way to document the changes that were happening when my partner took a job overseas and we were moving to Asia–first we thought Bangkok. It ended up being Vietnam. After a year that private blog lapsed and ultimately I started my current blog when we moved to Haiti. I blog now as a way to work out details of the memoir I’m writing and for the sense of community.

    1. I started asking these questions because I am re-evaluating what I am doing with my blog. I thought it might be a good idea to see why people read it, and why others write. It’s easy to get caught up in the statistics and wonder if I am writing what I need to be writing. You sound like you’re very clear on this.

      Are some of your posts pieces of your memoir?

  6. I started blogging in September of 2009 because I had heard you could make money blogging. Having lost my job of 35 years earlier that year and unable to find any employment I was getting desperate. I started blogging daily, but wasn’t making any money. But, I was getting hooked on my old love of writing. As people began actually reading and leaving comments I was getting my ego fed and wanted it to continue. Now I’m blogging as almost an obsession. The dreams of making money or having the blogging lead to something published are still with me and I plod onward. I have come back to my old love of writing as I see that computers make writing so much easier than in longhand or on a typewriter and publishing a blog is kind of like getting published in media except doing it on my own. I love to write, therefore I blog.

    Nicole from Madlab Post joins me today on
    Tossing It Out

    1. I think some people make money perhaps, but I have no dreams of that. I think the love of writing is enough of a reward. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  7. i start writing blogs on 1st aguest, when of my friend motivated me, when i start writing blogs i didnt know i will write these many posts, and after writing 4-5 posts , i start writing random blogs with out even planning to write, i wrote my 1st blog because i thought through it ,will be easier for me to express my feelings to many of people.

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Congratulations on starting your blog. I only started mine in January. I also write random blogs, and often without much planning. I think you’re right, that you can express your feelings to many people through a blog. Best of luck.

  8. Hi Christine .. I started to write nearly three years ago .. to see what happened. I had no plan of action nor did I need a platform … but I soon got ‘told’ I should write a book … or two or three by now … and people (I’m chuffed to say) say they’d buy from me.

    So now I need to sort myself out and find a platform .. for my rather eclectic style of writing and the fact that I mix history and knowledge with a twist into most of my posts, which thankfully people seem to continue to enjoy.

    So I do write and will continue – as I’ve been complemented on my ‘interesting and fascinating’ blog … and will probably step out and do other things along the line.

    I seem to have found my passion – now to find a route paved with some gold!

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Money can’t buy you happiness. πŸ™‚
      Are you on twitter? It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people easily (and build your platform, hopefully).

      Keep going.

  9. I started February 2011, to get in the habit of writing on a regular basis. The community I’ve found keeps me going.

  10. I was always a fun-loving, outgoing, happy goofball while growing up and through the early part of my adult life. One day I woke up disabled and instantly lost my career, co-workers, most of my friends, my self-esteem, and had completely lost that person that I used to be. Blogging has been my way to outwardly express that old side of my personality. Through blogging, that old part of me became “The Idiot”, whereas the disabled unhappy man still here at home is Mark. Slowly but surely, the blog is working as a form of therapy and is working towards merging “The Idiot” and “Mark” back into one person. Gosh… now I sound totally nuts…..

    1. You don’t sound nuts, but you are pulling on my heart strings a little. What a wake-up call. Your resilience is inspirational. Your story is amazing.

      I’m glad you’re finding your way back. Maybe there is a lesson here for me.

  11. Great questions Christine! I originally started blogging back in 2007. It’s called Mind Gass ( yes 2 s’s) and the byline is “A baby boomer shares the natural byproduct of a fertile mind. I really didn’t promote it at all and it was simply an outlet for random thoughts, rants, ideas, suggestions and experiences. It was a personal online journal which is what blogs were originally intended to be. Along came the “marketers” and turned the process into a money making program and the whole concept began to morph. Today, I very occasionally post to Mind Gass but keep my new blog “Book Mentor” up to date with ideas and suggestions for aspiring writers. I have built a nice little community of writers and people who would like to, and feel that it is important to share my research and experiences in the rapidly emerging world of digital publishing. After reading John Locke’s book about how he sold over 1.5 million e-books on Kindle, I decided to take some of the pressure off myself and post less often – which gives me more time to work with others and perhaps do a little writing of my own. I enjoy your blog Christine and congratulations on your memoir. Keep up the great work!

    1. Were blogs really intended to be personal journals? I never knew. I guess I never knew why this whole shebang got started. It may have morphed into a money-making program for some, but not so for the blogs where I live. We’re still sharing our personal journeys.

      I know you can spend a lot of time at this, and I think I need to reevaluate that for myself. I have several other books I’d like to write.

      Thank you. And thanks for commenting.

  12. As many reasons as bloggers, I think!
    I began in July 2010 on kind of a dare from an unusual dermatologist I’d just met who was more interested in sharing ideas via blogs than in skin. Starting a blog became an adventure and a challenge, and so I set out to try it.
    Here’s what I’ve found:
    I’ve written in one way or another all my life. I’ve had a novel published, and a memoir published, and various short stories and articles and opinion pieces. They were all written alone, They were all subject to turndowns from editors and publishers. And I had to use words alone, no pictures.
    In blogging, though, what I say goes! No rejection slips. I get instant feedback. I can share photos, which turns out to be as much part of my creative outlet as words are. Very important: writing is solitary — whereas blogging leads to community — a VAST difference, and one I revel in.
    There’s also the immediacy of it — no waiting for publication, no separation between me and my readers — there’s freedom, and spontaneity —
    Bar none, blogging is the most enjoyable and satisfying writing I’ve ever done.
    I’ll never be a top blogger, I think my ideas are too quirky and/or eccentric — but then again, except for my occasional spasms of vanity, it really doesn’t matter. Because there IS a blogging community, there are people who “know” me, and I “know” them, because I follow their blogs as well.
    And from time to time one of my posts will achieve what I’ve discovered is really my goal above all for my own blog — conversation. Yes, a real discussion, not just with me, but among my viewers as well. Conversation to me is the breath of life — We all lead lives of separation, of being cutoff, by practical matters, by all kinds of contingencies. But in cyber space — there are very few such barriers to communication —
    Starting to blog was one of the major good decisions in my life. How long I’ll continue — who knows what life brings? Right now, I learn so much from bloggers like you, Christine, from your readers and commenters, from other bloggers, from my own viewers and commenters —
    It’s such a huge world, and blogging is a way to join in, to be a part of it.

    1. I do believe you have the most unique reason for starting. I’m with you on the advantages of blogging (which are also true for self-publishing by the way). You have control over what goes out and when. “Freedom and spontaneity.”

      I don’t know how someone becomes a top blogger, and I’m not even sure I aspire to that. At some point the obligations to readers become demanding I expect. I can miss a day or two and who notices?

      You’re an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  13. Your post got me thinking. I blog for a variety of reasons. I enjoy connecting with the community of bloggers, need the creative outlet, and like the challenge of designing words and images to convey a message.

  14. I joined WEbook (an online writers forum) in July 2008 and started writing daily there. In February 2010, I started Spirit Lights The Way (SLTW) so that I would have more control over the “give and take.”

    It’s been great FUN sharing what I’ve learned about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness with others. πŸ˜€

  15. I blog because I’ve got a twisted sense of humor, and blogging lends itself very well to expressing that. And also because it’s a good way to test the waters with how a passage is working.

    1. Blogging lends itself to a lot of things, I think. You’re right about testing the waters. I hope to do more of that in the coming year, if I ever get going on my next project.


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