Ogre Returns – part 1 of 2

On Saturday, the Ogre (otherwise known as my son Matthew Grote) returned to Cincinnati from Buffalo, NY, with a rocking, knock-out gallery showing reception at 3218 Madison Rd. High energy music and light show was provided by Keith Harrington, known as AV/DJ Projex, also from Buffalo.  Throughout the day, video of Matthew’s performance or freelance art was displayed on a wall in the gallery and on a television screen set in a window and facing the sidewalk outside.

Ogre Returns, presented by Molly Berrens of Play on Production in conjunction with Obermeyer Productions, will be on display until the end of December.

Ogre returns artwork by Matthew Grote

For those of you not familiar with our beautiful Queen City, I want to point out a couple of things of interest on the poster Matthew designed.

The flying pigs are something of a local icon here in Cincinnati, where the Procter and Gamble company got its start making soaps and candles from tallow (made from pig fat).  In the last 20 years or so, P&G expanded its downtown headquarters to include towers that Matthew overlapped as the center of the water wheel near the bottom of the poster.

The union terminal once a hub of train traffic in and out of the city, now converted to a museum center, is tiled across the bottom above the address, and is repeated upside down across the top. The P&G towers are repeated along the sides of the page behind the tall stacks from Cincinnati’s riverboat heritage.

The gallery was packed for the reception Saturday evening scheduled from 8:00 until 10:00, but that kept going until after I left at 10:30. Here is a slide show of some photos I shot during the set-up earlier in the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

18 thoughts on “Ogre Returns – part 1 of 2”

      1. Because we were up until last spring. We’ve been back in Lexington ever since anticipating my partner’s next assignment. We were in Vietnam the year before that, but have always maintained our home in downtown Lexington.

      2. Got it. I like Lexington. At least what I’ve seen of it, which to be honest, hasn’t been all that much. Wonder where you’ll land next.

    1. Of course. We’ve been lucky. Three of our four children have been here a lot in the past two weeks, and will be back in another few weeks. Aren’t holidays great?


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