Weekly Photo Challenge — Waiting

Niagra Falls wax museum, summer of 1998.

Yesterday was a day of waiting for me, although it had nothing to do with this picture. I waited to be able to take a drink of water in the morning as I waited to leave for the hospital. Then I waited to be called back to register for surgery. Then I waited to be called back for surgery prep. Then I waited for surgery. I think waiting for surgery is the worse part. I had laproscopic surgery to remove my gall bladder. It was a bit more complicated than normal and so Mark had to wait 2-1/2 hours instead of the expected 1 hour to hear I survived. 🙂

Now I’m waiting to get the drugs out of my system and become clear-headed again. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, you’ll know why.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge — Waiting”

  1. Dear Christine, I do hope you will be feeling well again soon! Take the time to recuperate and don’t rush your recovery. Best wishes.
    Very nice photo to go with the theme 🙂

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. Did you visit there as a Christmas gift? It’s amazing how fast the money goes when you’ve got children and grandchildren with you.

    1. Yeh. Not sure what’s going on with the gall bladders in this family. When my grandmother had hers taken out they couldn’t find it at first. It had fallen down to where her appendix was. Mom said they strapped her to a table and rotated it so that she was upside-down, then the gall bladder dropped back into place. Strange, but true. (I think.)

  2. Great take on the theme, Christine! Speedy recovery!

    I realized as I read your post that I have no idea what gall bladders do . . . or what mischief they’ve gotten into to require their removal.

    1. I think they are supposed to help with the digestion of fatty foods (which we shouldn’t really be eating anyway.) Probably are left over from the days of hunting mastodons. They sit right under your liver. Bile generated by the liver either goes directly into your small intestines, or is stored in your gall bladder, where in some cases, it happily turns into gall stones.

      They say we don’t really need the gall bladder. I certainly hope they’re right.

  3. Hi Christine I have neglected you recently with having your posts come in weekly digests.that still seem to get lost in the email lists… I hope that you are feeling much better and send you some healing thoughts over the airwaves my friend and hope your recovery is a speedy one.. Hugs to you ~Sue


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