Fifty-five years ago today

Fifty-five years ago today a baby was born.

Fifty-five years ago a baby boy was born and thrilled his parents whose first four children were girls. A son at last.

Fifty-five years ago today I knew nothing of it, safe and sheltered in my mother’s womb for sixty-one days longer.

Many babies were born on this day I have no doubt. But this baby boy has changed my life.

What a wonder. A miracle. A gift from the universe.

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24 thoughts on “Fifty-five years ago today”

  1. Happy Birthday to Mark!

    By the way, I finished “Dancing in Heaven” last night. I can’t thank you enough for sharing Annie’s story. It has moved me, deepened me, made me appreciate the light–Annie’s smile.


    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Kathryn.
      And thanks for your kind words about Annie’s story. Comments like yours have made the trials and tribulations of writing, editing and publishing the story all worth it.

    1. Oh no. My mom has always been big on throwing things out too. I have very little artifacts from my childhood. My dad was the family photographer, and she respects his things, so that’s saved us. You may have to widen your circle for photos to other relatives and friends. You might pick up a treasure or two.

  2. What a beautiful post, Christine!
    You and Mark are each lucky lucky people, to be your terrific selves, and to have each other.
    Happy Birthday!
    (And in two months, Happy Birthday again.)

  3. Mark read and appreciates all the birthday wishes. I encouraged him to comment, but he’s like moving a boulder at times. In the past year he’s only commented once on my blog. That may be one of my goals for next year: try to provoke Mark into making a comment. That should keep me busy and spark my imagination.

  4. I just finally got to this–Happy Birthday to Mark!!! What a great slideshow!! I loved it! And what a great tribute to a man who I know has supported you over the years and continues to support your wonderful writing!!! Thanks for sharing him with us!!! Happy Birthday a little late!


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