It’s wildlife week at Random Thoughts

How can I help but notice? As the snow covers the ground with a thin white blanket, the birds are flocking to our feeders. The deer are searching for green. The squirrels are scrambling underneath feeders and on the railing where I scattered seed. Occasionally an Olympian squirrel makes the jump from our front porch rocker to the hanging bird feeder. Everybody’s hungry.

I have a story about a red-tailed hawk and Arthur’s narrow escape.

I have a photo of a white-breasted nuthatch, despite his efforts to elude me.

I have a story about three deer and one apple.

I hope to have more pictures of the squirrels’ antics. These are hard to get because they’re typically action shots and usually end up blurry. I’m going to work on that this week.

Where do I begin?

You might have noticed I started a new page in my menu across the top. I’ve always wanted to keep a life-time bird list. So I’ve decided to do that here on my blog. But actually, I’m going one step further and making a lifetime wildlife list. If you click around on that tab, you will see that I have a lot of work to do to locate, upload and post photos from my archives as well as new ones I take. I decided to spend time on this particular project because promoting my book, working on my works-in-progress, and helping Mark through his surgery and recovery aren’t enough to do.

Now, where did I put my priorities list?

I may throw in a story about my journey with my dad’s Alzheimer’s this week. It’s written. It’s sad. I’m putting it off. Finding diversions.

I got some great photos over the last few days. I think I like this one the best. I did absolutely nothing to this photograph except shoot it. I think it may have to go on my favorite photos page.

Portrait of a doe

More about the deer later.

I think I’ll tell you about Arthur’s narrow escape from the hawk tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday. (I may be sensationalizing this story just a little tiny bit.)

Dancing in Heaven Promotion Update:
A one-liner about my memoir appeared in the Cincinnati newspaper on Sunday and is now online at
A good friend of mine who I gave  a copy of Dancing in Heaven to, passed hers on to the local Children’s hospital for their resource room.
Thanks to everyone who has read and/or reviewed Dancing in Heaven, and those who continue to support me on this journey.

22 thoughts on “It’s wildlife week at Random Thoughts”

  1. What a great idea to start a lifetime bird/wildlife list on your blog! I love it!! I have over the years started so many lists, but I never maintain them regularly, everything else seems to get done first — so you’re a good role model for me! And I love the photo of the doe, gorgeous!

  2. Christine, the dear photo is amazing. I especially love the framing of the face–what a face!

    I would also really look forward to reading what you write about your dad. It’s strange how reading someone’s memoir makes you feel like you know them and their family.

    Sounds like a busy week, my friend———–


    1. Thanks Kathryn for all your support. I know what you mean about memoirs. I feel the same way about yours.

      It is a busy week. This photo stuff takes a long time.

  3. Sometimes at night I like to take walks up our lane so I can see all the deer that have bedded down in our field. Sometimes it resembles a safari out there. Beautiful photo of the doe, Christine. They have such beautiful eyes.

    1. I hope you will take a picture sometime. I would love to see it. Where we used to live, occasionally a deer or two would sleep in our back yard under our trees. They’re such beautiful creatures.

  4. I just purchased a copy of Dancing in Heaven. It’s been so long since I’ve used my Kindle that I had to register it again. Your book will be my first since my husband’s stroke. blessings to you, Christine…

  5. Yippee, wildlife week! Great picture of the doe, she’s so pretty! Makes me think she’s at the fast food restaurant awaiting her order. Or, “please let me come in, it’s cold out here.” Glad to hear you are loading yourself with plenty of things to do. I don’t suppose you’re going to try to pawn some of them off on Mark while he recuperates?

    1. The doe was lovely. I believe she is the one that has had fawns in the neighborhood for the past two years we’ve been here and likely before. The people we bought the house from said a deer had given birth in their yard. It will be a sad day when she’s not coming around here anymore with her fawns.

      I hadn’t thought of pawning things off on Mark, but now that you mention it . . .(If only I trusted him with my photos and computer.)

  6. I know what you mean about the priorities list and adding one more thing to fire of projects and things to do.

    Love that doe shot! It’s gorgeous. I also like the idea of a wildlife list.


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