Self-publishing update — two interviews and a review

Dancing in Heaven — a sister's memoirI’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen all month that I don’t want to have to promote my book. I’ve talked about this before. But I think it really started getting to me when the first 10 days of the month went by and I’d only sold 1 book. D-press-ing.

I understand that people can’t buy the book if they don’t know about it. And I understand that the way they get to know about it is through promotion. I just don’t like doing it.

This is such a roller coaster ride. Five days I’m down and one day I’m up. I’m up today.

Two interviews with me and a review of Dancing in Heaven were posted online within the last 24 hours.

Ann Carbine Best wrote a beautiful review of Dancing in Heaven and posted it on her blog. I first met Ann on Twitter (@AnnBest71) where her byline reads: “Debut author, at age 71, of In the Mirror: A Memoir of Shattered Secrets.” How could I not respond to that? At the age of 54, I sometimes feel that life has passed me by. Ann’s little byline alone gave me a renewed reason to hope. And that is Ann in a nutshell. Even through all the trials and tribulations she’s experienced in her life, and that she shares in her memoir In the Mirror, Ann remains optimistic and full of hope. She’s one of those people who can just lift your spirits by association. Ann has a brain-injured daughter following a tragic accident, so I knew all along there would be things about Dancing in Heaven that Ann could closely relate to. Her review of Dancing in Heaven brought tears to my eyes. I hope you’ll take a minute and read it.

Kathy Reinhart of Ink Drop Interviews posted a nice interview she conducted with me through e-mail where I talk about why I wrote Dancing in Heaven; my writing habits; and the challenges of memoir-writing, among other things. I think you’ll enjoy it.

And RED! contributing writer, Elizabeth Bryant’s, recent interview was posted online at RED!webzine with a very nice introduction by editor Jeffrey S. Hillard, and a photo of my visit to Jeff’s class in the fall that you might not have seen.

So if you have a minute to click around, I’m sure my supporters who’ve written about me and Dancing in Heaven would appreciate your visit.

14 thoughts on “Self-publishing update — two interviews and a review”

  1. Hi Christine .. I’ve read and commented on both reviews .. and I am looking forward to buying and reading your book – you’ll have a lot of lessons in there, that many of us can learn from – while we appreciate your sister’s situation within your family. All the best Hilary

    1. I look forward to hearing what you think about Dancing in Heaven. And you’re very right about the lessons Annie taught. I consider her the single largest influence on my character.

  2. I just finished reading Dancing in Heaven last night and want to thank you for the love and energy you put into this. There is a wonderful thread of love and grace than runs through the entire book. Blessings to you.


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