Three deer and an apple — a drama

The other morning I witnessed three deer munching on our front landscaping. Over the two years we’ve lived here we’ve seen this same doe come through our yard with her fawns—each year, a new set of two fawns. We’ve seen infant fawns, child fawns, and full-grown fawns or deer. Once, much to our dismay and outright terror actually, the two fawns lured Arthur out of his electric fence and into the woods to play. Of course, they had long since ditched him as they ran away, leaving him befuddled, scared, and frozen in place within sight in the woods.

I forgave the fawns. They almost seem like pets. I’ve been wanting to leave some apples out for these deer as a special treat. So after seeing them eating our bushes, I bought some apples and put three in the bushes. This is what I saw later in that afternoon. (As you know, the deer vocabulary is quite limited, but you’ll get the idea.)

The first deer (one of the fawns) finds the apple.

Jackpot! she thinks to herself.

The doe sees her.

Hummm, what has she found now?

But movement is detected in the house, or perhaps a little flash goes off.  All three deer look up and freeze.

What is going on in there?

I’m not worried about it, the fawn thinks. This is good.

That apple’s looking pretty good, the doe thinks.

I’m going to get a taste of that.

Move over.


Hey, I found that apple, the fawn says.

What is going on over there? the doe wonders.

The second fawn gets curious and comes over to see what is so interesting.

Hey guys, the second fawn says. Wazzup?

I get some too, he says.

You’re hogging it, the doe says.

Hey, it’s my turn he says.

I really wish I knew what was going on over there, the doe thinks.

Back off, the fawn says. You’ve had your share.

Ummm. That’s tasty, the doe says.

The fawn sees his chance, snags the apple and backs away with it. He finishes it off.

That’s really starting to get annoying, the doe thinks.

Now that the apple is gone. The deer go back to the bushes. They don’t find the other two apples I left closer to the house.

Why do you keep doing that to us? the doe wonders.

Or maybe she’s thinking, was it you that gave us the apple?

The three deer leave by the side yard. I don’t know what they said after that. I couldn’t hear them anymore.

40 thoughts on “Three deer and an apple — a drama”

  1. Love it!!! Hey I found a product called Deer Out on Amazon that works great on the bushes and shrubs and flowers–at least in the spring and summer!!! Great pictures, Christine!!! Love watching the deer out our windows, too! Even if they do empty the feeders!

    1. Thanks for the tip about Deer Out. I’m not too worried about it right now. We’ve just gotten used to planting things they leave alone mostly. If they prune my bushes to nubs, I may have to do something.

      I bought a Corn-lix deer block from a local farmer who has a feed barn. (Where we get a lot of our bird seed.) It is formulated to supplement natural vegetation by providing essential minerals and energy ( I got that off the label.) The farmer assured me it was healthy for the deer and that they would like it.

      I set it in my front landscaping, but so far I haven’t seen them at it.

  2. what a wonderful presence they are. I always feel blessed when I spot one. In the Fall I leave a few things in the garden – turnips, carrots, and late at night the deer come to munch. Keep putting apples out. They will love you for it.

    1. “A wonderful presence.” That’s such a nice way of putting it. You’re so kind leaving your produce for the deer. I got a deer block that has corn, and molasses in it, along with a lot of minerals and vitamins they need. So far they haven’t found it.

  3. AWSOME!!! LOVE the pictures and the story!!! here i am out in the country but we have no trees near us or should i say woods that off protection that they come so close to our house. We see them out in the corn fields and I see their tracks near the garden but not up close to the house.

    1. They probably are finding what they need to eat out in the fields. There are no fields here. They have to eat landscaping.

      (You could plant some trees. And wait.)

      1. oh we have planted hundreds of trees and i just ordered another 150 that we will get in the Spring. As much as i like them it is better that they stay away. They are a cousin to goats and carry some pests that I would rather they keep to themselves!!!

  4. This post and photos are priceless. I especially loved the one fawn paw-ing the other to get out of the way. How darling! I loved this, Christine. Just LOVED it!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Loved this Christine! The photos are such a nice addition and your writing tells a fun story (almost as if being there!)

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Deborah. I had fun doing it. I just hope the wildlife stay away today, I have a lot to get done, and they are quite a distraction. 🙂

  6. I enjoyed today’s wildlife encounter, Christine. Lovely photos; and yes, I’m VERY thankful for digital. No more worries about precious film.

    1. I guess we would have had to be much more deliberative when pressing the shutter button. The only problem now is that I always create so many photos that organizing, sorting, or just finding them can be time-consuming.


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